pain and distress

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this is what my pain and suffering sound like

Submitted: December 25, 2016

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Submitted: December 25, 2016



my pain and distress

is all i hear as  the blood drips from the sword

i carry in every mountain climbed

i spent years cutting down

my foes, enemies escaping almost near death experince

trying to decide whats right and wrong all the while sharpening

my blade

of who to cut down next raged with anger

i hear the blood curling screams of painful experince

in my head

played over and over again and slowly drop to the ground

tears wondering when will it end

with this countless amount of dead bodies i slew

for betraying my kindness taking for granted

what i give to you as my heart brakes

from each person i encountered who says

they know me but really dont who pretend

to care but really i blind eye them to see

if they really will betray my trust two no three

more times

just to be sure but they fail me once again

surrounded by tens of thousand of my foes

having just about had it of being backed into a corner

i scream and shout bring it on now

changing my blade to a double edge sword

as the blood from my own hands slides  down  my blades

on to the grass covered field tainted with enough blood of my enemies seen for miles

i kill them all with the help and strength of god sent to me 

and the warrior queen that is within my blood nothing stands to live or survive my blades of anger and stealth movement

all but one dies only to live to fight me again


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