Should of been there

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I lost my mum 2 years ago to cancer we used to be so close but on her final weeks i was so scared and could not face up to loosing her i made the mistake of not going and being there for her as she took her last breath something i regret to this day .

Submitted: December 26, 2016

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Submitted: December 26, 2016






You were sick and tired and we all knew,
that God would soon come to take you.

You fought so hard, through the pain

you stayed strong for as long as you could

I just wish I had more time to talk to you to say I was sorry,

For there is this wound in my heart it hurts so bad

Agony, so distraught, grieving with true pain,

I wasn't ready to let you go.

I had too much I needed to say,

You loved us all from the very start,
with your warm, kind, and loving heart.
If anytime, we had a problem,
you were there to help us solve them.

You was always there for me

You were such an awesome mum
The love you showed was like no other

You took great care of your two son's

But only one was there when you needed us the most

I should have been there when you took your last breath

Holding your hand. And saying goodbye the special way

Instead I chose to stay away,

I admit now I was scared to see you go,

A scared boy who could not be a man that day

And when I saw you when you had passed,

My heart broke into millions of pieces cause of the mistake I had made

The years have passed so quickly since death parted you from me.

I think about you everyday.

Gazing to the heavens,
as I quietly reminisce,
I’d give a million of those stars just to say sorry

When I think of her kind heart and all those loving years,
My memories surround me and I can’t hold back the tears.

I’ll remember all you’ve taught me and make you proud you’ll see.
Thank you my Dear Mother for all the love you showed me.
Although you’ve left this earth now with us parting the way way we did

I know that you are here with me each morning, noon and night.

My dear mum I love you, miss you , and I am truly sorry until we see each other again mum

I will always love you

And thank you

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x




Simon Jones

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