Steven Universe Gemsona Story Fail

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I made this a couple of years ago and I decided to completely scrap the character because she sucked. This was the first gemsona I ever made

Submitted: December 26, 2016

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Submitted: December 26, 2016



“Hey Sphene, come here” said a boy in the distance wearing a hot pink shirt with a bright yellow star. “Wh-what happened? Where am I? Who am I?” Sphene asked as he looks at his hands noticing a Yellow, green colored thing on the palm of his right hand. It seemed to have a crack in it. “You don’t remember anything?” said the boy. Sphene could see the boy much clearer, now that he was closer. He had black poofy hair and was wearing sandals.  “That’s not good. Your gem is cracked. Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl!! Come here!! Sphene’s gem is cracked! “My Gem… is cracked?” Whispered Sphene.Three very unusual looking people come running up. “Oh no!” says the tall skinny one. “His gem is cracked. Quick! Steven. Use your healing abilities.”  “This is going to be weird.”  Said Steven as he grabbed Sphene’s hand.  “Wha… What are you doing?” Sphene said.  Steven stuck his out tongue and licked Sphene’s hand.  “Eewww eewww eeww. Gross. Why did you do that? My hand is all tingly now.” “I have healing saliva.” Steven said scraping his tongue. “Your gem will be good as new in a few seconds.” “Hopefully your memory comes back. I don’t want to have to tell you everything that happened” Said the short purple one.  The tall skinny one elbowed her. The even taller, muscular one just stood there smiling. “He’ll be fine. His memory will be back in time. I’m Garnet. This is amethyst.”

“You must be Pearl.” Sphene said.

“You remember me?”

“No. I just figured because you have a white oval on your head and pearls are white.”

“I’m Steven. I see your crack is healed. Try summoning your blades.”

“Summoning… my blades?”

Sphene was bombarded with light. He saw all four of them with colorful weapons.  Garnets Gauntlets, Pearls spear, Amethysts whip, and Stevens shield. Sphene stood there staring in shock. “Whoa. That’s really cool. “Sphene said as he looks at his hand because it was glowing. “I think I can remember how to do that.” A long blade magically appeared out of Sphene’s hand. It had a similar design to a baton. “Cool. You remembered something.” Steven said as he hugged Sphene. “do you remember anything else?” Steven asked inquisitively. With a small frown, Sphene replied, “No. should I?” “Okay. Hopefully we can help you remember stuff quickly.” Garnet, Amethyst, and pearl were whispering in secret when Amethyst yelled, “Yo! Ste-Man. Bring Sphene to the temple.

“Alright, I will. Come on Sphene. I got so much to show you.”

They started walking when Sphene says,  “Steven. Why are you the only one with a human name?” Sphene said looking confused. “I’m half human. My mom gave up her physical form to make me.” Steven replied with a saddened tone. 

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