Unheard Silence

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Parallel Crossroads

Submitted: January 10, 2017

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Submitted: January 10, 2017



Diveguard Boot Camp
Plains of Aet’rial

By her Majesty’s will, the faithless gathered.
Sworn to a false oath, they marched for the sole purpose of gaining her favor.
Conscripted from those bound by blood, she alone understood why there were none more capable to be sacrificed.
And so she answered the call to arms.
Clad in her enemy’s blood—she relished.  Bathed by the grace of her glory—she wept.  Torn by her lack of conviction—she prayed.
Known only as her Majesty’s Longevity, she forged the warpath that served as Kelforn’s Act of Recreation.  She alone began what none believed as possible.
They doubted her bloodline.
Cursed to forever be reminded of her heritage—isolated because of her father’s honour—she slaughtered all that would come between her and absolute victory.  She showed no mercy to friend and foe alike—for she had none—and served as the beacon that guided her Majesty’s fury.  She became a God of War only to fall to a God of Fear.
Bested in battle.
With three simple strikes, she was forced to her knees.
They were neither quicker or stronger than her.  They were instead kind and accurate.  One to her head.  Another to her heart.  And a third to her soul.  Had it been any other opponent she would have won, but because it was him, she was predestined to lose.
 He knew her and her—him.
Inseparable before the war—she’d found a haven within his fear of battle.  His fear of glory.
And within her—he discovered regicide.
Now—bound through The Will of Carnage—she marches [with him].


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