cries of the soul

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Cries of those who wanted to be heard, felt and remembered.

Submitted: December 27, 2016

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Submitted: December 27, 2016



It’s a shame

For I still believe in fairytales.

It’s a pain

For I long for something

As impossible as a dragon in a dream.

I am the sun.

I am the bat.

I am lost in Wonderland.

I tried to run.

I tried to fight.

But the mirror said,

“not enough little brat”.


Up, down, up, down

Oh My! I almost drowned!

The wind blew and whispered “wake up!”

“or you might brake another cup”.


An earthquake shuddered me,

a great wave washed over me,

a lightning hit me,

Yes! I am dead.

but I still woke up,

oh how sweet to taste the Jell-O

made up of rotten paste.


I am here.

Yet no one notices me.

I exist.

Yet no one cares how I live.

But I see,

It’s the same for everyone.


They are here.

Yet I don’t notice them.

They exist.

But I don’t care how they live.

For again,

It’s the same for everyone.


I am hurt.

But I don’t need your comfort.

I need you to stay.

I am lost.

But I don’t want you to show the way.

Again, I just need you to stay.


I’m dead.

Now, i exist

I’m gone.

And now, everyone knows how I live.

I’ve been hurt.

You did not stay.

Now I’m truly lost.

But thanks

I’m used this way.

You’ll understand this one day,

For again, it’s just the same for everyone.

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