Black vs Blue - Main Story #6

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Trainwreck finds a new friend and mistakenly becomes the leader of the Blue Team, now on his own, Cayin gets used to his new AI, Sinma, and then some other things happen.

Submitted: December 27, 2016

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Submitted: December 27, 2016



HELLOOO Everybody! Dream got some amazing stuff for Christmas, thats why he didn't have  many stories up. But, anyway, ME AND HIM ARE BACK! So!, Cayin gets used to Sinma, Trainwreck finds a new friend in the cave and accidently becomes the Leader of the Blue Team when Cayin and Ticker start fighting, and when they do, Churchhill goes missing. We'll start with the blues today.


"Churchhill! Churchhill! Churchhill! Where are you?!" yelled Trainwreck, after he found the ten rocks. Ticker yelled, "Trainrweck, Churchhill's been gone for like a 2 weeks.It took you a long time to find those rocks.  He took the nuke he asked for and left to go do something. We don't know where he is." Cayin looked at the two and walked up. "Hey, idiots, where's your leader? Theres something I need to tell him." Ticker responded, 'We don't know. He left."  "And he didn't tell you where?" "No, he doesn't tell us anything." "He's a bad leader if he doesnt tell you where he's going." "He's a better leader then you're former one." "Oh please, I bet Trainwreck would be a better leader then Churchhill!" "If he was a better leader, why Don't we just make him the leader!" Trainwreck agreed, and then Trainwreck's gun started talking. "Trainwreck is now the agreed upon leader of the Blue team." 

"What?!"   "What?!"Trainwreck's gun, Flippers responded with, "Trainwreck has agreed upon the motion. In an act of argument, you have agreed. Even Freelancer Cayin has agreed, and he is not even in this team. This means, according to Center law, Private Trainwreck has been promoted to Captain Trainwreck. With a leave of absense of Captain Churchhill, this means that Trainwreck is now the designated Captain." Ticker responded with, "Wait, isn't there some kind of delay unless Churchhill returns?" Flippers responded, "Yes. If Captain Churchhill does not return tommorow, Trainwreck will be the Captain." Ticker prayed that Churchhill returned, and then Cayin left. 

Now on to Cayin. Cayin walked along the caveline looking at the black team fondle around. Then, an AI appeared on his Visor. "What?! WHERE AM I?!" Cayin looked at the AI on his visor and said, "In my helmet. I'm Cayin. I used to be a Private,  but now i'm a Freelancer. Got kicked off the team." The AI responded, "Oh. well..uh...i'm Sinma. Um..I dont really have any memories." Cayin responded, "Well, you appeared in my helmet yesterday and it seems you just woke up."The AI though for a moment. "I guess i'm now assigned to you?" They shrugged and agreed on it. Cayin soon learned that Sinma was made just yesterday while he was asleep and he didn't tell Sinma. He soon found that Sinma could do anything he could but technical. This was something Cayin didn't expect. 


Leutenant called a staff meeting and everyone filed in. The five soldiers sat down, and they began to talk. Leutenant said, "I've been looking at things, and it seems that the Blues only have two members now. The leader is gone, and now they only have Two. this is unfair, as we have five. It has gotten boring." Jeff interupted, "When hasn't it been boring?" Leutenant shot by Jeff's head and then continued, "I say we send votes to Center to send them 2 recruits to even the feild. What do you think?" They all thought for a bit, then agreed. They then sent individual votes to Center to send the Blue team two recruits. Little did they know, Center had agreed immediatly. Tommorow, the remaining Blues would be brought to Center for Reevaluation, then the two recruits would be sent. 


Well! This is very interesting! Where did Churchhill go? Who are the two new recruits? What will Cayin and Sinma do? What is Agent Quartsite planning for the Blacks and Blues? Found out next episode! annnnnddd.. Break!

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