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taken from my book, "Breaking Thru The Thought Barrier"

Submitted: December 27, 2016

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Submitted: December 27, 2016





As blank as my expressions could be

I hold my face up

__from falling onto my plate

The food, here, is germy

And I am all wormy

My empty eyes

__piers thru the dark vast beyond

As I look at her face

It's not that I'm crazy

It's just that I'm not normal inside

So I am labeled like a jar

And shut tight

__with a lid

Of course I'm not gonna change this way

The lid is so tight

The label has an extensive multiple title

Which is supposed to be all one label

But even I know it's not

I don't care if this woman knows who I am

She seems so uninviting

__that I don't care for her in reality

In reality

__she pushed me away

So she can go lay an egg!


I could lay it for her

If I wanted to

But I won't


Why should I?

I think her moving away from me

__where we sitting

____says it all

So there goes number 99

Out of my life

__for forever

Just some stranger in the rooms


Maybe just this room

I guess this goodbye will be easy

So easy, I won't even say it

She had the nerve to insult my like that

She can can go to Hell!

I don' give a crap


12-24-'16 #4

D. L. Cannon

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