The Girl Who Waited

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This story was inspired by the girl from the park who sits on the red bench every 4pm afternoon.

After a long wait, the girl kept on sitting on the red bench for someone who she loves but she doesn't know that he's long dead.

Submitted: December 27, 2016

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Submitted: December 27, 2016



"The Girl Who Waited"


Snow chills brushed through my cheeks awaken from waiting for your call. December, the month when the heat of our love started, I rushed out to get my coat as I walked away from the house. I arrived at the park and sat on the red bench where we usually meet. The frostbite numbs my fingers as my eyes kept searched for a sign, any sign. The snow dries my lips for I have been searching for hours, my eyes started to feel hot while my tears start to pour.

I've been waiting for almost 3 years in this very bench for a call, a message, or anything but nothing. I cannot give up on us, and I know you won't too. As I left, I heard a voice, a scream of your sound calling to me, I turned my head unto the voice, I saw your shadow, I rushed to hug you but suddenly, you faded into thin air. I dropped to my knees and froze in pain. I cried, I cried for your love, our love, I thirst for your love, I miss you.

People started to use me as their own, my body became their slave. I crave for lust as I crave for your love. My mind goes blank and every faces turns into yours. As I remove my clothes, the face of him turns into yours, but it slowly deforms into scars, as half of your face became swollen like it was stung by bees. I fell down in shock and screamed in pain, your voice starts to mumble in my ears and turns into a growl, a very deep, dreadful sound. I squeezed my ears hard as I kept my eyes shut. The voices stopped and my mate turned to me in horror. I haste out from his house and went back home.

Your shadow kept on following me. I'm going insane. I kept banging my head on the walls and strangled my hair from my scalp as the bloods drip out from my forehead. Voices started to talk to me, but it's not your. I searched for a knife while my tears rolled down to my cheeks. I placed the knife at the edge of my ears as I held my ear lobe and start to slice it, it hurts like hell and I can see my own blood gushing out from my ears, this is the only way to stop the voices. When I finished cutting my ears, the voices stopped. My head is shaking and my body is trembling, i cannot move. I started to see faces with their eyes dripping with blood as they stare down at me, I have no voice left to scream, my body is too weak to move. I held my knife in my heart and press it but it's not strong enough for me to die. The knife stung my heart over and over; I kept on suffering from this agony. As my last resort, I pushed my body on the ground and the knife pierced straight into my heart.

The next thing I remembered is that I'm in a very dark and chilly place. I looked at my hands and it turns into ice, I saw you standing in front of me and began to ran, I chased you into the light but as I got there, I fell down, you tried to reach for me but I cannot hold your hand, something was pulling my body away from you, like it is devouring me slowly. It feels hot and melting my body. Your eyes looked into me and you started to spread your wings upon the sky, saying "I love you".



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