horror adventure

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there was a script writer manish from bollywood he was a very successful writer everyone appreciate his work and dedication for every movie script. a new director approach him for a new movie script and he needed a horror story for the movie. horror story is a challenge for manish because he never written story related to this topic so he decided to move to a village for better thoughts for his story. he asked his friends about any village they suggest him to go to chandrapur village in uttar pradesh india. he is agreed with their friends and moved to the village. he takes bus and stopped at chandrapur bus stop and went to inside the village. he asked to people of that villages for a room on rent . the people of that village suggest him to leave the village because it is a very dangerous place. manish asked about the danger they tell him strange thing happen after 7 p.m. there was a house right in front bus stop manish want to stay there for some days villagers suggest him to leave as quick as you can and they left manish alone at the bus stop. manish was sitting on the side of the road and thinking what to do next he turned and get shocked there was a man standing right behind him he is a postmaster with uniform. he asked manish who are you he replied i am a script writer from bollywood i came here to write a story and i need a room on rent for some days. postmaster tell him you can stay in my house it is right in front of the bus stop he said thank you sir. postmaster gave him the key and leave. manish went to the house opened the door and enter the house went to the room take bath and went to sleep. manish was sleeping at the same time he heard some noise which was coming from out of the house and he saw the time it is 7p.m he went to the bathroom to take shower after the shower he realize that the noise is still coming from out of the house and he went to the window to see what's going on he saw 2 boys abusing a girl. the girl was defence less manish saw and run down to save her but when he reached that place no one was there he saw villagers watching him from the window he asked them what was that but villager doesn't replied. manish went back to the house and enter the room he again heard the noise and he saw same thing 2 boy and a defence less girl he ran down but no one was their. he is thinking about that incident and went back to house. he take coffee and snacks with story writing pad to write story. he started to write story and he saw a picture hanging on the wall it was the picture of postmaster who gave him the key. postmaster died two years ago manish was shocked and he can't control him self. manish ran to the room and fill his bag to leave the house. he was standing on the bus stop and waiting for the bus manish saw postmaster is standing right behind him he get scared and asking him who are you? postmaster tell him that the girl you saw in that incident was my daughter she killed by those two boys. after that i killed both boys and then attempt suicide because i don't want to live as a criminal. manish said i am sorry sir for what ever happen to your family and can i do anything for you. postmaster:- just respect girls, woman and ladies.

Submitted: December 28, 2016

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Submitted: December 28, 2016



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