The international student researcher in crisis

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I am an international student in UK. I woke up one morning after a dream about my home country and was very worried in that dream about packing up (I was soon about to pack up in two months and leave for my home country). I had a sense of relief upon waking up that I was safe in a foreign country and everything was in its place. My story highlights a traveller's fears and anxieties, specially if a traveller is an international student. This story also emphasises the significance of being in harmony with others- the importance of sharing joy, comfort, and acceptance with the close loved ones.

Submitted: December 28, 2016

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Submitted: December 28, 2016



With the clank of the keys, my husband said “All set!” Lets go now, we are very late! We all sat into the car and then the airport, the plane and finally landed into our home country after 4 years after an 8 hours flight!


When we reached home; all seemed fine! I was in my parents old house. My dad was there, very happy to see me; he was lying in his bed. Suddenly, fear gripped me. I had left all my belongings back in the foreign country where I was a student. I started asking my husband about my things, the pictures on the wall, the shoes in the cupboard, the kitchenware, my shirts, our things under the mattress, under the beds, behind the cupboards and s forth. It seemed as if we had left all our stuff there! I was in a great panic!


I asked my husband if he had handed over the keys and the key fob to the accommodation office. He replied, “Yes, I did!” I was shocked! I said, “…but we are not allowed to leave anything within the university premises! We would be fined for it! How could you do that? It is impossible!”, “How could that happen? What will happen now?, Would they throw it away?” I implored and cried incessantly before my husband, my dad and my mom. The tears started from the end of my both eyes and ended below my chin and onto my neck. I cried and I cried! I asked him to go back with me and bring all my stuff back home. All looked at me with no remorse or regret; they seemed indifferent and agitated due to my upsetting nature. No one did anything. My problem was my problem, it did not hurt them an inch! I was willing to forego £700 for the airfare but my things that I had collected during my travels around the world were very precious to me. The emotional value of those belongings could not be underestimated! I could not let go of all my precious belongings.


I pleaded to my spouse to call the office, and request them not to throw away any of my things or touch them. I did not know how to stop them. I was helpless like a bird without the wings and the keys of its cage with the lost owner. No one consoled me. There was no hope. It was a disaster; complete disaster!


I just heard some noise, like some building work going on and my husband’s voice, one of my eye opened and I gazed at my room curtains, the same curtains which I used to see everyday, the multi-coloured green, yellow, blue and white triangular pattern. Thank God! I am still in the foreign country; The United Kingdom, and my accommodation with all my belongings. Everything is safe! Nothing lost yet! It was a horrible dream. Then I slept again. We had found all our wealth! I saw victorious smiles on the faces of my mom, my dad and my husband. All of them had the same dream, they all seemed to understand and reflect my feelings- but how? Exactly the same thing had happened with all of them. Did they hide it all from me? How did they know that everything was safe and that we had not left for the home country yet? Where were we? Whatever it was, everything was alright. We were all safe in each other’s company, we all reflected each other’s feelings, understood and felt each other’s joy and comfort- no one was alone in his/her feelings, no one was fearful or upset, and this was the most important thing!

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