"A Love Poem!"

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"A Love Poem...?"
From the top to the bottom of My heart to the man I seek that is in My heart I know that he is Out there my heart tills me so and I'm hoping that this Poem will somehow Reach him on here by Fate...?" but do by all means let me know if anyone likes it by making a Comment please I would really appreciate it Thank you!"

Submitted: December 28, 2016

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Submitted: December 28, 2016






"Will Dear God & Jesus Haven't we've been apart long enough...?"

"Haven't I been thorough enough Treabutes and Tribes...?"

"Have I Not done My doo's I was suppose to...?"

"Can't we please Just be reunited again...?"

"Can't I just find him already and Love him please...?"

"have I Proved Myself to you Father and Son That I Love him and now wish to be with him...?"

"What do I have to do, what should I Do, What could I do...?"

"I Seek but I have yet Found...?"

"I don't understand I don't want nobody else but Him...?"

"I can't explane still Loving Him, Like a Love drive...?"

"The rhythem of Love, There's no one Like him he is one of a kind...?"

"He would give me all that I need, Pictures of him alway's stay's on my Mind...?"

"He has a Smile that could Light up the world to me now it seems To rain and the sun never Shines...?"

"I lately walk down these lonely,lonely roads, I got this feeling as always that i can't let him go...?"

"His Beautiful as a Angel and it seems that all the stars in the night shining his name...?"

"It hurts me deep down inside when I turn and look and find that He's not there...?"

"I try to Convince Myself that the pain Won't be gone, God In Heaven Know's , I wait for him , me calling out his Name...?"

"Still I Lay in this Bed all alone these lonely, lonely night's...?"

"Hoping That I will find him somehow, someway, somewhere...?"

"I can't let Him go I wouldn't want to...?"

"Without him there's no Change night's and day's are gray, If I reached out and touched the rain It just wouldn't feel the same Without Him...?"

"I feel I'm lost at sea, without him near my heart the world comes down on me...?"

"Without Him I've been lost, I feel so down and low...?"

"Oh My Dear God you should know...?"

"Without Him in my life I slowly will Denigh and with him in my life he other then my Son he's the reason why i'm alive, but without him...?"

"My Hope is small , leaving me all alone let the Far rage inside hoping Someday I will get to show him....?"

"I can face a Mountain but I could never Climb alone, He other then My Son is the reason to me that the sun shines down but the night's wothout him Grow cold...?"

"Only He is the one I wanna hold why I am Young and only he is the only One I wanna Hold as we grow Old...?"

"Without him I will denigh but with him in My life and by my side other then My Son I would have a reason to be alive...?'

"Late at Night when the world is sleeping I stay up and thank of him, and when I look up at the stars , I wish up on a star that somewhere he is thanking of me too and at night when I'm finally a sleep I'm dreaming of him that night till tomrrow I Hope to be holding him Taut...?"

"Theres no where in the world I'd rather be, I wonder if he ever see's me and I wonder if he know's I'm there...?"

"If he'd look into my eye's today would he reamer me and then would he see what's inside or would he even care...?"

"I just want to hold him close but he is so far all I have are memory's, and dreams and Books I've wrote and drawings I've drew Of Him...?"

"So I'm waiting for the day for the Courage to say how much I love him yes I Do!..?'

"I can't stop Dreaming of him and I can't wait to see him finally coming up to me and say he reamer's me and he loves me too...?"

"Though he has done made me lose my heart to him the day he was pulled apart from me and this time if I seen him again...?"

"Cause the way I feel I may lose control and let him stay cause I would take him in my arm's and would not, let him go...?"

"I could only Wonderhow touching him would make me feel, and I would take that chanse, but the next day after I show him my love I've waited so long to show would he love and want me still...?"

"I don't won't to to keep it to my self no moreand not let him know cause I am so in love with him...?' so bad it hurts and I know it's right cause I feel it in My Heart...?'

"I Pray that night soon I'll be dreaming with him endlessly...?"

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