Nutrient-Free T. V.

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Content-free T. V!

Submitted: December 28, 2016

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Submitted: December 28, 2016



Prime time, dinner time, sickening ads.

Giving mass airtime to an unfunny clown, is just sad,


and also sickening; I am unable to eat, either way.

I wonder what bullshit Unnaturally-Orange Head will spew today?'


There not a lot in this alternate-reality world I can count on,

but gag-me Trump coverage is the media's con


on the rest of us; you created him, you are fascinated,

seems your desire for his words is never sated!


You wound him up, let go of the string,

then sit back to cover the chaos he brings.


You don't give a shit if his policies auger us in,

you laugh all the way to the bank, we lose, you win.


You show 'Entertainment For The Thought-Challenged.'

You cover his childish attacks as his slights are avenged.


So un-presidential, but you don't care, your rating are high,

never mind the guy's a yellow-fright wig embarrassment, why,


nothing matters to you but the almighty dollar, it's a shit-sandwich, we have to swallow.

You made him possible, and where he leads us, the camera will follow!


The wasteland of television reflects more on us than he,

instead of a filling, healthy meal, it's a late night snack, and nutrient-free!




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