Black vs Blue Main Story #7

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Freelance Private Cayin is taken into Center custody, Blue team goes for Reevaluation and gets two new members, Black Team renovates into the caves of the Canyon and Agent Quartsite changes his plans.

Submitted: December 28, 2016

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Submitted: December 28, 2016



Hello there. Night teller got a cough and a sore throat today. I'm BC. Bart Craymen. Dream hired me out of the blue as a substitute, so...yeah,,. Um..he wrote this thing for me, *cough*, Freelance Private Cayin gets taken by Center, Blue Team goes for reevaluation and the two new privates are deployed, Agent...Agent...(Whisper* whats that name? Quar..Quarsite? oh! Quartsite!) Agent Quartsite changes his plans, Black Team gets a mining drill and renevates the Caves in the Canyon, and Churchhill's whereabouts are revealed. (How much am I getting payed for this? Holy crap, that much? Huh.) So...let's see what happens?


Cayin walked up to an old mining shaft and saw a huge Frieghter with a drill on it. His AI, Sinma phased into his vision and said, "Thats the drill. Walk in, you should find a body on the ground. Bring it out here." Cayin did as he was instructed and took the body out. It was colored bright red and had a shot mark on its chest. Sinma phased into it, and it popped to life. "Ah! I missed this thing. Thanks Cayin!" Cayin nodded replying with, "What now?""Well, Now that I have this thingy, everyone can see me, but i'm still assigned to you. Meaning I'm still an AI, just, with a body." Sinma looked around the cave and then heard a whirring sound."Ah crap! It's the Center! Quick! Phase into my Visor!" Cayin dug the body into a hole and made a mark on it, then ran outside to see a Pelican with Center soldiers dropping from it. 


"Freelance Private Cayin, you're under arrest until we solve this situation out." The soldier then handcuffed and removed Cayin's Gun, but couldn't remove the AI because it's holopeice was embedded into Cayin's helmet. "How did you obtain an Unauthorized AI?" "We don't really know. After the Black Team kicked me out, I passed out on a beach and then the next morning this guy woke up. I don't really know who." "How did the Black Team kick you out? They told us but we thought it was a Sham. If you're not in the Black Team now.." The Pelican flew away.


Agent Quartsite watched the Pelican fly away and yelled "Crap!" He then looked at the blue and black bases and thought for a bit. "This ruins my plans. Time to rethink." He walked back to base. Everything was falling apart. With Captain Churchhill gone, to who knows where, and  Freelance Agent Cayin in Center Custody,His plan was falling apart! He thought to himself, 'Wait...if Cayin is going to be doing what I think he's doing, then my plan will still work. If I can convice Center to relocate to......and then have the...crash...on...then maybe the plan will work. Okay..I can do this. It works. The only problem will be if Churchhill returns before Trainwreck is promoted to Captain."


Flippers beeped intensly, waking Trainwreck up, "IS CHURCHHILL BACK YET!!!?" Ticker looked at Trainwreck with a sigh. "No, Trainwreck. Churchhill has not returned." Flippers piped up. "Every member of Blue Team please report to the Flag." They all moved to the flag as Ticker just sighed. And, suprisingly, Center was outside. Ticker yelled over, "Hey, give us like 10 Minutes okay?!" The soldier outside nodded his head and waited, and then Flippers said, "Today, we are gathered to Promote Private Trainwreck M. to Captain of the Blue Team. We will now give a short moment and raise our hand to the Blue Flag.....Now, Private Trainwreck. Do you swear, on Center Command, to never disgrace, to always obey and serve the Blue Team?" Trainwreck replied, "Yes." Flippers responded, "Private Trainwreck is now, Captain Trainwreck." Flippers played a clap track, then they all went to the Command ship. About half an hour later, they were all in the Debreifing room. "Captain Trainwreck, I present, the two new members of Blue Team!"A door opened, and two blue colored soldiers exited. "I Present, Private Amnion and Private Aeon."

The 4 blues dropped out of the ship and landed on the ground, walking to base. "Well. This is a new Term!"


"Private Jack, Private Jeff! Start drilling over there!" The blacks where drilling holes in Caves to make room. They were salvaging for more parts. Turnrug called for the Leutenant. "Hey Leutenant! Come see this!" Leutenant walked over and found a huge military base with all sorts of things in it. "I'll be Darned! This station is fresh! Where are all the soldiers?" They both went over to look at it. 


Well uh..Thats it for now. Um.. bye!


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