Darken: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

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Darken is about Adriel Samuels, an immortal known as a Warden. Its her job to keep the monsters inhabiting a mysterious island outside the town of Ashby from reaching the mainland, but unexpected complications get in the way.

Episode 1: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Two people are killed, Adriel knows the truth of the killer. Can she stop it before the next full moon?

Submitted: December 28, 2016

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Submitted: December 28, 2016










The MOON sits high above the clouds; in FULL BLOOM illuminating a bright circle, like that of a HALO, giving off an eerie glow.  


The wind HOWLS. Trees sway from side to side like they were dancing. The sound of gravel crunching revealed two friends. Lifelong friends that chose to take a short cut through the PARK.


TODD DENSON (17) Tall, scrawny, over achiever. He was one year from graduating. Video game fanatic, bookworm and awkwardly social, especially around girls. His best friend EUGENE HARRIS (18) Short, round, a little overweight. He also is one year from graduating. Comic fanatic, bookworm, asthmatic who wears thick glasses and ultimately shy of girls.


EUGENE: You really think cutting through the park is a good idea. (Shivering) It seems a bit scary, don’t you think.


TODD: It’s the quickest way home. You’re the one who wanted to stay late at the library.


EUGENE: I know, don’t rub it in okay.


Street lamps dimly light the SIDEWALK. Wide open spaces with neatly spaced trees, where the edge meets the WOODS.

Strays have gone missing, even family pets that have been showing up in pieces.


EUGENE was terrified.


TODD: Your eighteen, why haven’t your parents gotten you a car yet?


EUGENE: You should talk; we should have taken that ride from the Librarian like he offered.


TODD: Touché my friend.


Coats zipped to their chins. They headed across the PARK, making their way straight for the dark WOODS.




It moved faster then the eyes could blink. Ripping up the ground in pursuit of its next meal. Bright GOLDEN eyes scanned the shadows. NOSE in the air, smelling all the wonderful scents surrounding it.


Under the MOONS light, its tall, lean body and narrow skull. Wiry coat and long legs. CLAWS that curved wickedly scraped at a nearby tree.


Leaving its MARK.


Long EARS perked to the sound of voices, hearts racing. Two separate HEARTBEATS and the smell of FEAR blowing his way.


Small animals, strays and family pets didn’t quite satisfy its building HUNGER.


GROWLING softly.




EUGENE and TODD hurried their way through the WOODS. Using the MOONS glow like a flashlight, giving off enough light for them to see dark figures.


EUGENE: How much further? (Shivering) I’m cold and I can’t seem to find my inhaler.


TODD: Just a bit further.


EUGENE searched for his INHALER, only to drop it onto the ground.


EUGENE: Wait I dropped it. (Softly) Todd wait.


TODD continued walking away, leaving EUGENE behind.


EUGENE was down on his hands and knees, searching frantically for his INHALER, coming up empty handed.


A FIGURE moved on his left.


EUGENE: I can’t find my inhaler.


It casually picked up the INHALER, handing it to EUGENE.


EUGENE: (Spotting the inhaler) Thank you.


Climbing to his feet. A foul smell stung his nose, looking around.


EUGENE: What is that awful smell?


It GROWLED softly.


EUGENE froze, realizing TODD wasn’t with him. It was something else. SWEAT, PANIC and FEAR overwhelmed him.


He started to HYPER VENTILATE.


The WEREWOLF raised its claw. EUGENE screamed when a sharp pain shot through his mid section.


BLOOD spilled onto the ground. The WEREWOLF moved closer, touching its cold, wet nose against the boy’s cheek.


WEREWOLF: (Demonic tone) No one can hear you.


TODD stopped dead in his tracks. The SCREAM didn’t come from him or the COYOTES that wonder the woods. EUGENE was missing and something found him.


Hearing him SCREAM again, followed by vicious growling brought TODD to tears.






ADRIEL SAMUELS, (AGE UNKNOWN) Dark, sexy, mysterious and dangerous. She appeared out of the shadows with two SILVER DAGGERS.


Slicing the WEREWOLF across the face. The sting of the SILVER forced the WEREWOLF to scream out in sure pain, tossing its head back.  


It turned on a dime, attacking and swiping at the air, hitting only trees. ADRIEL avoided most of the hits, when a BACKHAND hit her hard, sending her flying through the air.


Hitting a tree before hitting the ground.


ADRIEL: (Groaning loudly) Oh that hurt.


The WEREWOLF came at her again, swiping at her fast and hard. She ducked and swerved out of its way. The blades sliced and cut through its hide like a hot knife through butter.


Yelping out in PAIN. The WEREWOLF swung around, just as she sliced him across the back. The WEREWOLF fell to the ground in sheer, mind numbing pain.


ADRIEL lightly laughed, sarcastically twirling the BLADES watching the WEREWOLF.


ADRIEL: Well come on big boy, now I know you want to get me for all that pain. Here doggy.

The WEREWOLF glared at her through blazing GOLDEN eyes, snarling between its teeth. Blood and drool smeared the ground, as it slowly rose to its feet.


WEREWOLF: I know who you are.


ADRIEL: Of course you do, I am the one who trapped you in that horrible place. A place where your literally trapped in the making of your own madness. How is it there? Is it nice?


The WEREWOLF growled, lunging at ADRIEL. Quick and light on her feet, ADRIEL twisted on her feet using her body as a WEAPON propelled the WEREWOLF forward into a head dive straight into a tree.


ADRIEL laughed, mockingly backing up. Tripping over EUGENE HARRIS’ body.


ADRIEL: (Groaning) Oh for---I just washed these boots.


The WEREWOLF was gone by the time she got to her feet, when a scream got her running.


Marked trees led her to another body of a young teenager; this one was still alive, barley. TODD DENSON had a large claw mark going across his chest, ripped open. Coughing and wheezing, BLOOD splattered everywhere and him staring up at her with a DEER CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHTS look.


He didn’t have a chance.


Under the FULL MOON, a young TODD DENSON began taking on a new form. The WEREWOLF VIRUS started to take its toll.


Getting to his feet, eyes bright YELLOW, jagged teeth and claws snarling viciously.


ADRIEL stood with her back to the changing TEENAGER. In one quick move, the SILVER DAGGER pierced TODDS heart, stopping the WEREWOLF VIRUS dead.


ADRIEL: Not tonight kid (Pulling the dagger out)


TODD turned human with only the claw marks of the WEREWOLF to show for his untimely death.




By morning no one has noticed the bodies of the boys in the WOODS. Their parents called the SHERIFF last night, after neither of them made it home.


CROWS, BLACK BILLED MAGPIES and COYOTES found their bodies, and began scavenging.


It wasn’t long before an EARLY RUNNERS pet, a 2 year old PUG found the bodies of the boys. The BIRDS were more exciting to chase.


The RUNNER, a woman in her (20’s) called after her pet, following it into the WOODS.


RUNNER: Here Penny, come here girl.


No response. Further into the WOODS, she came across the CLAW MARKS and the body of EUGENE HARRIS. A spine chilling, hair raising high-pitched SCREAM escaped her throat.


The BIRDS and COYOTES all fled.




JUILUS ROSEWOOD (26), Charming, friendly, people pleaser and lack of confidence. He sat behind the front desk, slowly sorting PAMPHLETS.


JULIUS: God I hate my life. (Soft whisper)


ADRIEL: Then why do you work here?


JUILUS jumped, falling out of his chair.


JULIUS: How many times have I told you not to do that? (Getting to his feet) Its frightening and I am jumpy, no thanks to you.


ADRIEL: How is your jumpiness my fault?


JULIUS: The Troll under the bridge, remember?


ADRIEL laughed, remembering the Troll and using JULIUS as bait.


ADRIEL: Yeah, that was a good day.


JULIUS: For you it was, but not for me. I couldn’t sleep for months thinking about what might jump out from underneath my bed. So what’s up?


ADRIEL: Last night a Werewolf killed two kids.




The whole LIBRARY glared at him, while shushing.


JULIUS: Sorry (Softly) what do you mean two kids were killed? Where were you?


ADRIEL: Hunting the thing and getting my ass kicked at the same time.


JULIUS: You didn’t get there in time.


ADRIEL: This thing is smarter then I anticipated, either that or its got someone on its side.


JULIUS: What do you mean? (Confused)


ADRIEL: Magic follows it.


ADRIEL wondered about in the aisles. Running her finger along the books. JULIUS followed behind.


JULIUS: Can you please not do that? The last time you did that, you knocked books off the shelf for kicks.


ADRIEL: Relax I’m just waiting.


JULIUS: Waiting for what?


ADRIEL: Him. (Pointing to the front door)


Through the doors walked ADAM KANE, (32) Tall, dark and handsome. Sexy with an outlaw, rugged, cowboy persona.


ADAM walked over to the counter, only to be met by RICHARD THORTON, (51) Dark hair, smoldering glare, broad shoulders, barrel chested. He didn’t look his age of 51; he looked young in his late twenties.


THORTON: Sheriff Kane, what do I owe this unexpected visit from the law?


KANE: I need to speak with Mrs. Harris, is she here?


THORTON: She’s in the back, Archives section and unfortunately you are not allowed in the back…Mr. Rosewood.


JULIUS: Oh crap.


JULIUS stumbled to get out of the aisle. Falling over a cart full of books. ADRIEL covered her face with one hand, shaking her head.


Getting to his feet. Embarrassed and blushing brighter then the red apples given to SNOW WHITE, smiling like a fool.


JULIUS: You…um…called me Sir. (Nervously)


THORTON: (Raised eyebrow) Please head to the Archives and retrieve Mrs. Harris for the Sheriff.


JULIUS: Yes sir, of course.


Turning on his heel, he hurried to the BACKDOOR.


ADAM waited patiently for the young boy to return with the victim’s mother.




ADRIEL walked along the railing. Running her hand, slender with bruising from last nights encounter with the WEREWOLF.


She watched ADAM in the corner of her eye, before slipping in between the aisles.


ADAM caught sight of her, just before disappearing.


KANE: Be back in a moment.


THORTON paid no mind to him or his words. He continued to go through the BOOKS.


Up the stairs ADAM slow and steady wondered through the aisles. Checking behind the books that showed another shelf.


ADRIEL: What’s the matter? Couldn’t handle the city Kane?


ADAM lightly scoffed.


ADAM: Still with calling me Kane, hey. Actually I could handle the city, especially after our little encounter with the Goblin in the cemetery.


ADRIEL: Then what brings you here?


ADAM turned the corner of the bookshelves coming face to face with ADRIEL.


Eyes rare and unique. An iris the color of white silver wrapped in red surrounds the pupil. ADRIEL’S eyes hide the loneliness and solitude of her life. She hasn’t aged since the last time they met.


ADAM aged, but he still held that rugged exterior. He had a wild face with that of an outlaw feel to himself. Eyes bluer than the vast oceans of the world revealed power and regret.


ADAM: How did you not age once?


ADRIEL: (Leaning into his ear) I’m older than you think.


ADRIEL made her way down the stairs. ADAM followed.




JULIUS returned with MRS. HARRIS in tow. ADAM wasn’t to keen on telling her with so many strangers in the room. That he offered to tell her in privacy of THORTON’S OFFICE.




ADRIEL and JULIUS stood on the steps. The sun was out, but a cold chill is all they felt.


JULIUS: So do you know the Sheriff or something?


ADRIEL: Yeah, we met a while back in the city. I was passing through on the hunt for a certain Warlock, when I came across him and a Goblin.


JULIUS: Are you serious...a Goblin.  What was he doing with a Goblin?


ADRIEL: Well in truth, the Goblin was an unexpected turn for him. He thought some lunatic was killing those Hookers, but he got a little more than he bargained for…after that little encounter. I offered to help him out and then everything just fell into place.


JULIUS: Does he know about your---


ADRIEL: Immortality…no. He just assumes I’m a Vampire that can walk in the sun like Blade, a Daywalker.


They laughed about it, when MRS. HARRIS came running out of the LIBRARY crying.


ADRIEL: Looks like Kane told her about her son.


JULIUS: How do you know that? It could just be something else, doesn’t mean it’s about one of those kids.


ADAM came out shaking his head.


ADAM: That part is never easy and now I have to find Mrs. Denson and tell her that her son won’t be coming home. Well bye and Adriel, I’ll need to talk to you later.


ADRIEL: Can’t wait. (Sarcastically)


JULIUS: Wait did he say Harris and Denson.


ADRIEL: Yeah, those are the last name of those kids that were brutally mauled last night. How do you know them?


JULIUS: They were here last night, late. I offered to give them ride but they wanted to walk instead.




Behind the LIBRARY a patch of WOODS hid the BEAST from last nights attack. This time it was human. DAMIEN LORD, (200) Sinister and shady, he gave off an evil vibe.


Watching the girl that left him wounded, put a low growl in his throat.


THORTON appeared behind him.


THORTON: You couldn’t just leave them be, could you?


LORD: I needed to feed. The animals weren’t doing it for me, who is she? (Pointing at Adriel)


THORTON glanced over DAMIENS shoulder. The STRANGER his employee JULIUS ROSEWOOD had been talking to earlier. This was the same person that ADAM KANE walked down the stairs with.


She climbed into a 1966 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE SS.


THORTON: I don’t know, but in the mean time stay out of sight until tonight. Until then I’ll find out who she is.




ADRIEL saw the two men depart. They weren’t interesting enough for her to care.




ADRIEL stood over two graves. Unmarked with only STONE CROSSES, beside them two smaller CROSSES stood tall and proud. Here they lay for all eternity, ADRIELS family.


Here they lay, until she finds the TRUTH in their untimely DEATH.




JULIUS casually put books away, when he noticed his boss staring at him from behind the FRONT DESK.


The LIBRARY was almost empty. Casually and slowly, he slipped his way through the aisles.


At that moment DAMIEN LORD walked into the LIBRARY.


LORD: Find out who she is?


THORTON: (Shooting him a glare) No, not yet.


LORD: Then what are you waiting for? Tonight is a full moon once again and I cannot hunt with someone hunting me. She’s good, very good. She’s like a wolf herself, but human. This human is always three steps ahead of me, she's knows what I'm thinking before even I do.


DAMIEN’S eyes turned a GOLDEN yellow. He began sniffing the air, despite others being in the room. They were blind to the stranger and his odd behavior, all but one.


JULIUS watched from behind a shelf. The FEAR gave him away.


THORTON: Relax before someone sees you. Deal with her tonight, I don’t care who she is, just rid of her.


DAMIEN: You know the sad part about this, I’ve seen her before and yet her name escapes me.


THORTON: You have? Where?


DAMIEN: From the island, she’s its Warden.


THORTON: Your kidding a Warden in this town really. I didn’t think they still existed. She must be from the Old World, the one who walked the Ancient Lands. (Surprised)


DAMIEN: What do we do about this Warden? Even I can’t kill her, they aren’t Immortal for nothing. I barely was able to heal myself.  


THORTON: Norm’s aren’t powerful enough to kill Wardens. Mongrels are nothing more than savages; they are blinded by rage. Beta’s and Omega’s are useless to me, but an Alpha isn’t and it just so happens that we know of an Alpha. Don’t we? (Smiling wickedly)


DAMIEN: We do, but I’m not the one that’s going to ask him for help in defeating a Warden.


THORTON: Well someone has to, either its me or you, there’s a reason why she chose this town to settle in and all we have to do is find out why.


THORTON stood at the window, watching outside. DAMIEN on the other hand began to wonder about the aisles. The FEAR he smelled earlier, intrigued him. It invited him in with a THIRST that needed to be QUENCHED.


JULIUS fled when he appeared in the aisles. Quickly heading out the back door.


DAMIEN: I’ll see you later Thorton. There’s something I have to take care of before tonight.


THORTON: Don’t do anything stupid, nightfall is already here.


DAMIEN: I know. (Whispering)




JULIUS ran as fast as his could. He usually walks to work every single day.


JULIUS: I should really invest in a car or something. (Out of breath)


Glancing back, no sign of the STRANGER.


DAMIEN walked the trail left behind by FEAR. He knew it well. They ran straight for town. The HEART of the town, hoping that being in the middle of a crowd can save him.




Out of PANIC and FEAR driving him. JULIUS found his way into the WOODS by mistake. DARK WOODS surrounded him. The MOON sat high and FULL illuminating that soft glow of a HALO.


Eerie sounds echoed into the night. A cold chill sent a shiver down his spine. Seeing his breath.


JULIUS: Oh great, I’m going to die tonight. Why didn’t I listen to my mother and take that job with my uncle in the city. (Wincing)


DAMIEN reached the WOODS. Sniffing the air, he smiled wickedly.


DAMIEN: Now we are getting somewhere.


Growling softly, his eyes changed to a GOLDEN yellow. He began the change. The BEAST began to rip through his skin. Bones started breaking; they protruded through the skin. The BEAST tore through like nothing, revealing a muscled creature with no fur.


Muzzle to the MOON, it let out a blood-curdling howl when its hair started to grow.


JULIUS scared breathless, felt his heart jump into his throat.


JULIUS: Oh god (Whimpering) Adriel!




His voice echoed across the WOODS, ringing in her ears. Her eyes intensified, the red like BLOOD crawling across IRIS, submerging the white silver.


In seconds she became surrounded by BLACK SMOKE, taking on the form of a WOLF in her own making.


A beast from depths of hell, a beast called DAER and like Death, Hell follows.


The DAER raised its head, letting out a howl mixed in growling and demonic sounds.


Running on the wind.




The WEREWOLF stopped briefly, listening to that sound. It was something he’s never heard. But the FEAR was more interesting then whatever made that odd noise.


He began the HUNT.


JULIUS heard it as well, huddled against a tree for safety. Shivering from the sheer TERROR of what was coming for him and the cold.


JULIUS: I hate the dark.


The WEREWOLF walked on two or four legs, sniffing the air and ground. He searched for the FEAR that drove him into HUNGER.


WEREWOLF: Here little piggy. Here little piggy, come out come out wherever you are. (Demonic voice)


JULIUS jumped at its voice. He heard twigs crunching beneath its weight. It was close, but just how close.


Standing up, back to the tree. JULIUS peered around the tree only to see SHADOWS dancing. No glowing eyes from the MOON.


JULIUS: Where are you? (Shuttered whisper)


The HEARTBEAT pounds against his chest like a loud drum in WEREWOLFS heightened sense of hearing.


WEREWOLF: (Laughing loudly) Your heart is strong my pet, its what will give you away. It will be your death.


The WEREWOLF followed the beating heart to a clutch of trees. There he smelled the FEAR like fragrance from a flower.


WEREWOLF: I found you my pet.


JULIUS felt his heart sink with every step the BEAST took towards him. It found him.


The WEREWOLF ready to attack, when it was struck by something powerful. Sending it into a nearby tree.


The DAER stood between its next meal and him. The WEREWOLF stood up on two legs, shaking its head.


WEREWOLF: What are you? Who are you? (Snarling)


DAER: I am the one who is going to tear you apart. (Growling viciously)


The DAER attacked. The WEREWOLF stood ready when it hit him again. They tumbled in fury of teeth, claws and fur flying.


JULIUS was too terrified to even take a peek.


The loud snarling, growling and breaking of trees kept him in place. The WEREWOLF never fought a foe such as this; it was powerful and strong. Stronger then himself or any other kind of creature he’s every faced.  


The WEREWOLF fell from a deep wound across its chest, where the HEART once beat. The DAER held it in its claws.


The DAER leaned in close to the WEREWOLFS ear.


DAER: Your heart will be your death.


Eyes wide open. The WEREWOLF took on a change when the DAER squeezed its heart. Slow and painful it began to change back into its human form.


Standing before DAMIEN, the DAER took on a change of its own through smoke. The smoke peeled away the creature and revealed ADRIEL.


ADRIEL: (Smiling) Hi there.


The HEART she held in her hand slowly turned to a withering husk. DAMIEN stared at her through dying eyes. Shadows hid his face. Blood streamed down her hand, when she squeezed the HEART one last time, turning him to dust.


JULIUS oblivious to what happened. To terrified to do anything but cry.


ADRIEL kneeled beside him.


ADRIEL: Julius, hey.


Opening his eyes, he saw her. Quickly wrapping his arms around her in an embrace. Tears streaming.


In the light of the MOON, reflected off her eyes. ADRIEL remembered the day she lost her family. The day she wasn’t able to hold onto them like JULIUS.


ADRIEL (V.O): I lost them thousands of years ago. I wasn’t able to protect them. (Beat) I couldn’t even save them, but I swore to Julius’ parents that I would do everything in my power to keep him safe and this time; I wasn’t about to fail…again.




ADRIEL gave JULIUS a cup of tea, taking a seat across from him.


ADRIEL: You all right.


JULIUS: I been better, but tonight I just felt so vulnerable and helpless. I knew it was a Werewolf like you said but I never imagined to actually see it…well I didn’t see it but I heard it and still that was terrifying.


ADRIEL: I’m aware of how terrifying it is to face something you don’t understand. I’ve been there.


JULIUS: When have you ever been there? (Raising his voice)


ADRIEL: When I became an immortal, in truth we are originally called Wardens.


JULIUS: Oh right, I forgot.


ADRIEL: That day I lost everything. (BEAT) Tell me how you became the target of this Werewolf?


JULIUS: Um…the last thing I remember is that my boss Mr. Thorton was watching me creepily in the corner of my eye, so I kind of shimmied off to the side. I hid in the aisles waiting for him to go to his office, but he never left. That’s when someone else came in.


ADRIEL: Who? Did he look familiar?


JULIUS: No, can’t say that he did, but I’m pretty sure he’s the Werewolf…I know that because that’s what he said.


ADRIEL: His name, what’s his name?


JULIUS: I don’t know.


ADRIEL sat back staring at the glass cupboard. ARTIFACTS from around the world held powers that are no match for WITCH or WARLOCK.


JULIUS sipped his tea. The OWL of SIGHT sat on the shelf, calling out to her. It was formed in that of a GREAT HORNED HOWL, haunting deep GOLDEN eyes.


ADRIEL: Julius, do you trust me?


JULIUS: What? (Looking up) Yeah of course I do, despite the things you make me do. Yeah I trust you completely. Why do you ask?


ADRIEL: You got a good look at this Werewolf under the light, right.


JULIUS: Sure. (Shrugging) Why are you asking again?


ADRIEL got to her feet, heading to the shelf. Opening the GLASS doors, she reached up for the OWL. JULIUS followed her hands up to the thing that scars him.


Jumping out of his seat, banging the table.


JULIUS: Oh no! No way am I looking into that thing. I had nightmares for two months because of that.


ADRIEL: Relax will you, you’re a grown ass man…so man up okay. This is only to show me what the Werewolf looks like in human form.


JULIUS: I know that, but I’d have to stare into its eyes.


ADRIEL: No you don’t, give me your hand (Reaching her hand out)


JUILUS shook his head.


ADRIEL: Just give me your damn hand.


Shaking and trembling, JULIUS reached out his hand. ADRIEL took his hand and placed it on the OWLS head. Instantly on contact a CONNECTION was made between JULIUS’ thoughts and the OWLS.


ADRIEL placed her own hand over JULIUS’.


ADRIEL: Focus only on the man in the library.


Images shot through her mind, stopping on THORTON. A few minutes later he appeared. The WEREWOLF in human form was DAMIEN LORD, a 200-year-old WEREWOLF of the CRESCENT MOON HOWLERS.


ADRIEL broke the connection, snapping JULIUS out of it.


JULIUS: What! What is it? Did I do something wrong? Did you see something you weren’t supposed?


ADRIEL: Damien Lord is a 200-year-old Werewolf belonging to the Crescent Moon Howlers. (Gently brushing a crescent moon/sun compass tattoo between her index finger and thumb)


JULIUS: Who’s the Alpha?


ADRIEL: Abraham.




THORTON sat behind his desk opening and closing a POCKET WATCH. The clock on the wall ticked loudly. DAMIEN hadn’t returned and day was approaching.


The POCKET WATCH itself had stopped dead on 6 exactly. The time DAMIEN was killed.


MAGIC couldn’t save his life, even with a powerful WARLOCK watching over. Out of anger and frustration, THORTON threw the WATCH. Smashing it against the wall.




JULIUS never got over his ordeal, nor did he return to the LIBRARY. The death of the two boys kept ADAM busy, he never got around to talking with ADRIEL.


JULIUS lived with ADRIEL at her MANOR, outside of town. There she can keep an eye on him, closely.


With the WEREWOLF dead, leaving THORTON to seek out the ALPHA on his own. He had his work cut out for him.


ADAM couldn’t make heads or tails of anything. Suddenly the killings have stopped. The pets were no longer missing and everything went back to normal.


ADRIEL stood next to the hood of her car watching the sunrise. JULIUS joined her. They sat in silence. Nothing more relaxing then a quiet moment between friends, JULIUS loved them. ADRIEL didn’t mind it took the loneliness away. 


JULIUS: So Warden what’s next?


ADRIEL: One Werewolf isn’t the only thing that escaped from the Island, other creatures followed. I can’t always be there to protect you. (Looking to Julius)


JULIUS: I’m not a warrior or whatever you call it.


ADRIEL: Neither was I when I became a Warden. I didn’t know how to defend myself against monster, but I learned.


JULIUS: Who’s going to teach me?


ADRIEL: I will.




© Copyright 2018 L.C. Lawrences. All rights reserved.

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