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Chapter 90 (v.1) - Lizard Bitch

Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019



Chapter 90: Lizard Bitch

 When we left the camp to go our own way Don Charlos first wanted to leave behind some tracks that would lead them to us rather than the others. Was risky but I had no problem with it so long Alice and the others were safer from being found. It was annoying going with Taru and Jahakeb since I planned to have a one on one chat with Don Charlos to see how strong he was and about what he did before getting caught in the Heilstorm Barrier and would try to recruit him if his stats were good. However, that stupid bitch Taru and cucking ass Jahakeb were staying close with Don Charlos while I was walking in the back behind them. Taru and Jahakeb were doing that classic thing of pretending I didn’t exist and gave me quite the death stares when I tried approaching closer.
 I also didn’t want to just talk without caring about those two since I knew they would interfere in me trying to recruit Don Charlos so I didn’t want to bother dealing with that shit.
“Fuck it, I’ll get my chance.” I thought to myself and didn’t let those useless actions bother me.
 The only annoying thing was how boring it was walking for about three weeks straight of my time doing nothing but think about Alice and I regretted not bringing her or Estalia along to pass the time. We barely took breaks but we arrived at the desert area quicker with no trouble along the way but I was aware that the streak would end sooner or later. We suddenly sensed numerous beings in all directions which surprised us since they were specifically closing in on where we were.
“Something’s not right, they’re following at our exact direction.” Don Charlos said as he stared at the surrounding area although the desert area was quite barren with some small mountain tops here and there.
“Yeah, someone’s keeping watch of our movements,” Jahakeb said who also looked around trying to find the culprit that was spying on us.
“Hmm, so someone has an ability to conceal their presence?” I thought to myself as I observed intently around the area.
 By our surprise, the one who kept an eye on us actually decided to reveal themselves by trying to kill me with one attack from above with a wooden spear. But my guard was higher than my IQ and dodged swiftly to the right. It ended up being that lizard dude who got upset that I pulled a quick one on his ass back on the rain forest and was oozing for revenge.
“This time you will not escape!” The lizard shouted and was about to charge at me again but Don Charlos intervened trying to punch him from behind on the head. However, the Lizard dude immediately turned and blocked it with the spear.
 Taru also stepped in trying to stab him with a wooden dagger but the lizard dude backed off in a quick manner to avoid a situation where multiple enemies would be attacking him from all directions.
“What kind of fool would appear in front of enemies by himself?” Don Charlos asked unable to understand why the lizard dude didn’t just kept himself hidden and wait for the others to arrive.
“Because I’ll kill all of you weaklings by myself!” The Lizard dude shouted and went back on the attack.
 At first, he made it seem like he was dashing towards Don Charlos but the lizard dude suddenly disappeared from our vision. In reality, he actually turned invisible which also concealed his presence making us dumbfounded on what happened for a moment. The bitch tried to pull a quick one on me a second time, reappearing behind me after a single second he went invisible and was going for a backstab. Since his ability was nerfed, he couldn’t be invisible while attack at once so I sensed it on time and turned sideways so the tip wouldn’t impale me and grabbed the spear with my right hand. But then the lizard dude abandoned the spear and turned invisible again.
“Fucking pussy! Stop hiding!” I shouted and broke the spear in half. 
 Arrows were suddenly shot at us from afar as some of the criminals we sensed were getting closer to our location.
“He’s just stalling us! We have to get out of here!” Don Charlos quickly shouted and was about to start going ahead but the Lizard dude this time attacked him over me. They clash by grappling each other’s hands trying to overpower one another.
“Dekasha!” Some of the criminals shouted the Lizard bitch’s name in wait for an order.
“What? That’s Dekasha?” Jahakeb got surprised hearing the name.
 Dekasha was some wicked being who went through numerous of his own groups because he would kill his underlings when they didn’t do a good job or even when he would be in a bad mood he would torture and kill just to make himself feel better. Dude was straight up crazy and Dekasha’s name was definitely known by many in the universe.
“kill them! Or I kill you all!” Dekasha sadistically shouted and kicked Don Charlos with his left leg away from him.
“To think I would come across a big bounty like yours.” Don Charlos said having a smile on his face and wanted to fight him. However, he was aware that the situation we were in was very bad. “Stay close, Ethan!” He shouted out to me.
 I didn’t know what he meant but I knew they were going to do something and prepared for it. Jahakeb swung both his arms upwards creating a small tornado that shot upwards of wind which was oddly in the color of white. Don Charlos and Taru quickly jumped over to it and I also went over not trying to lag behind before it flew out of my jump range but Dekasha got in my way and kicked me back down.
“Wait!” Don Charlos shouted to Jahakeb to stop the tornado as they rode it inside. 
“We have to keep going!” Jahakeb quickly said but it was obvious that the fucker wanted to leave me to die.
 When I landed back on the ground I got struck by an arrow on the left leg which hurt and in that small moment I lose my concentration towards Dekasha and the bitch lands on top of me and stretches his right hand out releasing claws from his fingers and impales my right shoulder deeply.
“AAAHHH!” I screamed in pain and saw that Dekasha was about to impale my head next with his left hand.
 However, Don Charlos came around and kicked Dekasha away from me.
“You ok?” Don Charlos asked as he reached his left hand out to help me back up.
“Yeah, thanks,” I replied but didn’t accept his help to pick myself back up.
 Luckily, Don Charlos wasn’t a douche bag like Taru and Jahakeb otherwise I probably would have been dead by Dekasha’s hand.
“Get out of here!” Don Charlos yelled out to Taru and Jahakeb who flew around the sky in that white tornado.
 It was too late for me and Don Charlos to escape at that moment because we got completely surrounded by numerous criminals. They pointed their arrows and prepared to riddle us with them and we actually didn’t have any possible way to escape or get out alive.
“No! I’ll take care of this useless trash! You all better capture those other weaklings or I’ll kill every single one of you idiots!” Dekasha ordered everyone around in a serious tone and many didn’t look too happy by Dekasha’s attitude.
“Kill us all? Have you lost your mind?” One of the criminals asked out not taking Dekasha’s shit.
 When he asked that Dekasha suddenly went invisible and pierced his right hand through the criminal’s face. Don Charlos and I were barely able to even witness Dekasha’s reappearance before his hand went through the criminal’s face and we found out he wasn’t taking us seriously from the start.
“What are you all looking at me for?” Dekasha sadistically asked and killed another random criminal by piercing his chest. “Go after them or die!” He yelled out and killed a third one.
 Crazy bitch literally went on a killing spree despite everyone already running after Taru and Jahakeb. Dekasha killed like twenty of them until it was just me, Don Charlos, and Dekasha. At first, we were relieved Dekasha was a cocky idiot for not having those criminals kill us but we end up finding out that we were still in deep shit.
“Are you ready to die?” Dekasha asked and didn’t even wait for us to reply or say anything because right after he said that he went invisible and almost stabbed Don Charlos in the chest with his right hand.
 Don Charlos dodged by moving sideways only receiving a wide scratch on his chest. He tried to counter but Dekasha had already gone invisible and moved away. Dekasha then tried slashing my face but I also just barely escaped a lethal wound by only taking a wide cut on my face.
“Dammit! This bitch is too fast!” I thought to myself as I also failed to counter before Dekasha backed away.
 Dekasha continued his onslaught of attacking and immediately moving away not giving us a chance to get anything going. Although Don Charlos and I were looking for a pattern in order to predict where he would appear to counter his ass, it just wasn’t enough. The bitch was too fast and we couldn’t land a single blow onto Dekasha after five minutes.
“Damn!” Don Charlos fell to his knees covered in blood and numerous slash marks around his body.
 Don Charlos reached his limit earlier because he didn’t have regeneration so I still had some strength to stand.
“Here!” Don Charlos said as he held something out from his left hand. I took it thinking it was some weapon or special tactic but saw that it was the purple stone. “Take the stone, you should leave me here and try to escape while you can!” He told me in urgency.
“The fuck you mean? I’m not going to die and neither are you.” I told Don Charlos and looked over at Dekasha. “Little bitch! Stop running and hiding like a pussy ass beta!” I shouted to Dekasha as he stood afar watching us struggle.
“Hahaha! Is this all you’re capable of? I heard you have been making quite a name for yourself, defeating the Eldion family, Nemiral, and just recently I heard you and your crew has brought the Dark Realm cowering from Divine. Normally anyone would think you would be formidable… but.” Dekasha went invisible and was even much faster than before. He stabbed me with a wooden dagger on my chest forcing me down onto the ground while impaling the dagger deeper. “You’re nothing but a disappointment!” He was about to move the dagger upwards to completely slice my upper body in half.
 Dekasha only managed to move it slightly upwards and got stopped by Don Charlos who tackled him off me. It took a lot for Don Charlos to do that and made Dekasha pissed off that he intervened.
“Useless trash!” Dekasha began beating him to death.
 Since it was a critical wound and my regeneration wasn’t in its normal state I was actually dying at that moment. It made me have flashbacks of back then on earth when I was in that alley where I got stabbed by that dude named Jeremy Jones. There were still many things I needed to do and I definitely wasn’t going to plan on just sitting around until my eyes shut forever.
“The stone?” I felt the purple stone that was still on my hand and in that moment thought of something.
 It made me think back of what I was told about the Heilstorm barrier about how they have been checking the place for the longest time. Yet the purple stone has been the only thing they found that was unique to the Heilstorm barrier. So, I began to wonder that maybe they were overthinking about the whole purple stone needing to be placed somewhere like a key into a lock. My gamer senses tingled for I recall games where you step on a trap and you get sent to a certain area you can’t escape until you kill off every enemy. Meaning that maybe the whole time you just had to find a purple stone and break it in order to escape the Heilstorm Barrier. At the same time, I thought about possibly making Alice and the others stuck in the Heilstorm Barrier forever if the purple stone was truly the key but that was my only choice if I wanted to keep living.
“Screw it, let’s hope this works!” I shouted in my head.
 I used every ounce of remaining strength I could muster and crushed the purple stone.

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