Strange Experience in Shiridi.

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Strange thing that i experienced really in a hotel room in Shiridi.

Submitted: December 29, 2016

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Submitted: December 29, 2016



Last week I went to Shirdi to worship Lord Shirdi Sai Baba. I reached there by 4:10 AM. The movement I got down from my bus a lot of people came to the passengers asking us whether we need some residence in good hotels. I was new to that place and alone and even many of the passengers were taking each one of the brokers with them. I too thought of meeting one of them. The broker asked me whether I need a room for residence or for just getting fresh and go straight to Darshan. I said I need a room to stay. I asked him whether I would get any special tickets for Darshan. He said no such special Darshan. But if I come immediately after getting fresh in my room then I can get the Darshan very easily and quickly.

We reached a lodge and he showed me few rooms but I didn’t like at all. Then he took me to another hotel. It was good but the manager of that hotel rejected to provide a room for single person. I asked why then he said that they don’t provide rooms for any single person to stay. Then we left the hotel and moved to another room a bit far from temple. But it was good to see there to temple. Then the same process repeated, the manager said that they can’t provide rooms for a single person. This time I said I will pay the full price of a double room so please provide a room I am getting late. The person with me said we shall go to another hotel there they can provide room for single person.

I got angry and asked him why anyone doesn’t provide room for single person, what’s the reason behind it. Then he dragged me to a corner and said,” This place is very much noted for suicides”. I kept calm for a while not because I feared but I felt surprised listening to him. I said to the manager that I am working in so and so company and I would provide any identity proofs you need. Then he said ok and I provided my driving license, aadhaar card and my voter ID. Then he took all the Xerox copies of them and said when are you going to Darshan and when do I check out. I said within fifteen minutes I will be out for Darshan and check out by 12:00 pm.

The broker said I will be waiting here and you come quickly I will take you to temple for Darshan. Then I went to my room and saw everything was fine. When I was getting undressed to go to bathroom. I heard a knock  at my room door. I went and opened, an office boy gave me soap and asked me to get ready quickly and come out of my room. For a movement I thought why he said so. I locked the door and opened the soap and took my towel from my bag. Suddenly I listened some sound from the television, then the picture appeared. It was a news channel but the surprise was it was a Telugu news channel unexpectedly It’s my mother tongue. I thought it would be a coincidence and thought the other people who stayed in that room previously would be Telugu people.

Live Aarthi of Shirdi Sai Baba was being telecasted that time. I felt so good to see that and had some divine thoughts and started praying god. Suddenly the television stopped. I thought it might be some short of problem with the dish connected to it. Then I started to go to bath room and while I was going suddenly the TV blinked and the picture was running. I thought I will brush my teeth listening to the Aarthi. I went to bathroom and started brushing, once again the TV stopped. I wondered for a while and started to know what is happening. When I concentrated on TV fully for five minutes there was no such thing happened again. As I thought I should not listen the Aarthi by partly because the whole Aarthi takes place for nearly half an hour. We should not stop listening the Aarthi in the middle. So I tried to switch off the TV. But no switch was connected to TV, so I switched off the setup box of the dish so that it will not display anything on TV even if the TV is remain on.

I went to bath room and had my bath. The movement I off the shower I listened to the Aarthi from my room. Immediately I came out of the bathroom. I saw the TV along with the setup box was on and the same channel was running. I thought what sort of thing is happening in the room. I recalled the words of the office boy who said me to come out of the room quickly. Then I believed that really suicide cases were taken place there previously. Then I doubted whether someone has suicide in my room. Immediately I got dressed up and placed my bag on the bed. I dried my wet towel on that bag with its ends on the bed and left the fan on in order to dry it by the time I come back.

All my identities and wallet along with my iPod I left in the room. I just took some money with me and single ATM card also with my mobile phone. I locked the room and came out then the person asked me did I leave the phone in the room or not. I said no, and then he said phone is not allowed inside the temple. Then I came back to my room n kept my mobile phone safely. Came outside the hotel with the broker.

Went for Darshan it took 4 hours to finish it all. Then came back to my room. Saw that my bag was thrown away in a distance from where I left before. My towel was on the other side and I immediately asked the receptionist whether someone went to room service in my absence. He said no one entered with in this mean time. I went back to my room. Packed up all my things. Booked a return ticket through my mobile. Spoke to my parents and my friends who called me in this mean while. I switched on the television and went to washroom. The television was not working.

I asked to the manager why my television was not working. He said since last night there was a problem in cable connection. So there is a signal lost issue. I said that in the morning it was good and I saw the live Darshan. He said no way they too were waiting for its signal since before I came here. Then immediately I asked them to change my room. They said why, I said I just need another room just to stay till 11:00AM. They accepted and I changed my room. I went outside and had some breakfast and came back. Since last night I haven’t slept so I had some deep sleep. When I woke up there was my bell ringing. I saw the time and it was up for me to vacant.

I opened the door, the office boy said room service. I said I am going to check out within few minutes. He then asked my why did I leave that room and shifted here for just few hours. I said I didn’t like that room before itself but as I was in a hurry to go to temple so I just stayed back. He said that that room is not for bachelors but only given for couples. He wondered why his manager gave it to me. Even two single persons stayed there before but they too left that room just like me. Whenever couples or family stay in that room nothing strange used to happen. But this happened thrice similar to me only for single persons.

I said nothing like that strange happened with me. Just I left it is because it was not clean and good looking. And I gave him some tip and asked him did anyone suicide in this hotel before. He said yes but requested me not to ask any of the hotel management guys about that and just leave like I knew nothing. Or else he will lose his job. I said no worries and said thanks for his information. Finally I checked out of room. That was a strange experience I have ever had before anytime when I stayed singly. Thank god I got out of that strange hotel safely.


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