Learning from other's mistakes

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This miscellaneous is for everyone who has suffered because of the addicitons of people around them. Some decide to use that as an excuse to do the same, give in to the same temptations and addictions... But what if we decided to use those bad experiences for the better? Maybe all of this has happened to us for a reason. This way we can learn from their mistakes and make sure that we never end up like the people who have hurt us so much. Maybe there is a lesson to be learnt in all of this.

Submitted: December 29, 2016

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Submitted: December 29, 2016



So I went to a party a few days ago, I hadn't gotten drunk in a while and felt that I really needed it. Christmas was making my depression come back and I was feeling quite bad, that's why I thought that having one worry free night where I could get drunk and unwind would be a good idea. The party didn't end the way I thought it would at all. My boyfriend tagged along, I thought that that would be a good idea, finally a party with him. He ended up trying to sleep with four of my friends. We weren't getting along so I honestly didn't care that much, I broke up with him and that was that.


The day after however he tried to get me back and to convince me to go out with him again. I knew that if I did that it would just be the same, I knew he wasn't loyal so I refused to give him a second chance.

I didn't care about any of this, most of his ridiculous attemps to get people to sleep with him even made me laugh.

He did however manage to hit a nerve while talking to me. He gave me one excuse for doing what he did. His exact words were : « It's in my blood to drink like I do and act the way I act when I am drunk, it's not my fault » That was the onl part of the hole story that made me really mad.


By saying this he was referring to his grandparents who were alcoholics. I would just like to put this out there, I told him this too. Having alcoholic members of the family is no excuse. I have an alcoholic father and at a very young age I too wondered if I had an excuse to drink because of this. Soon after that I realised that that was stupid. Having people around you who abuse alcohol or drugs does not give you an excuse to do the same thing.


You are the one who chooses to drink or get high, you chose the way you act whether it is or is not under the influence. All of that is up to us.


We shouldn't tell ourselves that since we saw the effects alcohol has had on the people around us we should do the same. In fact we could even use that bad experience to rise above all of that and insure that we will do everything we can to avoid that terrible fate. The people around us, the ones who have hurt us because of their addictions shouldn't have the power to take anything more than they already have from us. We shouldn't give them that power.


We should use the bad they have given us. This will sound incredibly steriotypical but « they gave us lemons and we should make lemonade ». They gave us bad experiences, bad childhoods, bed memories... use them to make sure that you will never make the same mistakes they made, never make anyone suffer like you have suffered.


Stay strong, keep on surviving, see you, I love you !

Rise above, learn from other's mistakes.


Teen nobody.

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