Black vs Blue - Main Story #8

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The Blacks and Blues get really intense into the war at each other and end up destroying the bases, causing them to relocate. Agent Quartsite sneaks on the transport, Freelance Private Cayin is given his own team, the Orange Team, and they are transported with them. AI Update: Sinma is in Cayin, Churchhill has merged with the others to become Nightfall

Submitted: December 29, 2016

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Submitted: December 29, 2016



Hellloo everbody! So today, Dream had a lot of stuff planned, so I'm going to get right into it! The blacks and blues get way too intense in the War, causing they're bases to explode, so Center relocates them, Agent Quartsite hitches a ride with them, and Freelance Private Cayin is made captain of his own team, Orange Team. Complete with a Tank. He is relocated with them as well, so it's become a Battle Royale. We'll start with Cayin today instead of the Blues.


Cayin woke up in a room with a table, looking at the man infront of him with papers and a pen. The man was nice looking, with a smile and a pair of specs. "Hello there! I'm the Center's Team Master. I make sure the teams are balanced and have enough equipment to keep them all together. I have recently learned that the Black team kicked you off. While that is acceptable, it's not fair. So me and the Center Control have decided to give you two privates and make you the captain of Orange Team! Can you beleive that, youre own team?!"The amazed soldier looked at the man, shocked. "Well, thats amazing! Let's get this started then!" About an hour later Captain Cayin was in his own base down on the Canyon with two other Orange Soldiers who were named OJ and OG. Owen John and Oriel Grant. Now, the Blacks and the Blues where very excited about this.


"Men! It has come to my attention that there is a new team on the canyon. Orange Team! So let's go kill that backstabbing idiot! ATTACK!" Everyone ran towards the base with weapons in hand, all ready to kill.


"Hey, Captain Trainwreck? The blacks are all attacking that new base." Trainwreck responded with, "Then lets do it too! Attack it too!"

Everyone went insane. About an hour later, they were all almost killed. The bases all got smashed, and they were all calling Center. A Ship came flying down, with a place already in sights. They were being moved to Valhalla Outpost 29Z. 


"Hmm? Where are they going? I better get on that ship."


Agent Quartsite went into the Ship, and just in  time. With the Orange and Blue and Black teams all loaded and ready to fly. Now, you're all wondering where Former Captain Churchhill is right? Well let's go see!


Churchhill looked at his new body, all electric and fizzly. It wasn't actually Churchhill. All of the AI's had taken Churchhill and merged him with them, taking a form known as Nightfall. So, Thats what he is now. Nightfall saw the ship flying and followed, and when it landed he looked for the Blue Team. He appeared by Ticker and said, "Hi!""Woah holy crap who are you?""Jeez! Hey, it's me! Churchhill!""Where the flip did you go man? Trainwreck's the captain now! What the crap?!""Wait, how does that work?""I got into an argument with some guy who got kicked off his team and accidentaly called Trainwreck for role of Captain, then he agreed and so did the dude, and since you were gone he got called to Default Captain.""Well crap.""Yeah dude! He missed you a lot, so go talk to him." Nightfall appeared by Trainwreck and said "Hi.""What!? CHURCHHILL! YOU ARE SO SMALL!!!""Yeah, I know bud. Look, It was fun for one story, but I think Its time for me to command the Blue Team again...k buddy?" "Yeah I dont like it. You can be the captain again...""Cool buddy."

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