Randumb Thoughts

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Submitted: December 29, 2016

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Submitted: December 29, 2016



These days keep going and going, like waves to the sand crashing and flowing. Night turns to day, day turns to night. I've seen good go bad, wrongs made right, sometimes real turns fake when put under the light. Soul wide shut, eyes wide open, mind raw and uncut, countless hearts left broken, and every man will be condemned or justified for every word spoken. Loss is a loss, win is a win, we all have to bare our own cross, cuz we're born out of sin. What lies within is an imperfect perfectionist, simply complicated from every angle, with open hands that can mold this very existence or close to hold and strangle. Entangled in theories and philosophies, searching for the truth. Living free of the programmed monotony, breaking glass ceilings, discovering theres no roof. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, blood, sweat, and tears eventually dry, but the tracks lead back to the roots. Living proof of an all out war, against an empire of unfulfilled desire. I been here before, asking for forgiveness for all of my priors. Swimming to the shore, hoping for a paradigm shift to the ocean of consciousness from the lake of fire. So I can walk that straight line, before the end of my time. Having faith that my faith will keep me spiritually aligned and move me more towards that door, that will transport me from this place to the divine.........-AJG

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