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Twists and turns

Hoinheim……. That single name echoed through my head. It felt like I had heard the name before and was very familiar with it but in a distant way. Now that I come to think of it I feel like that name has been related to something antediluvian…. Something only a special band of people practiced and something I knew. I brushed aside these thoughts from my head and got up from my bed. I planned to visit the man on fire today and his partner. I dressed up and I was all set for going out. After the incident that occurred two days ago I felt that the air around me had turned toxic. I persuaded my legs to get moving to the central and tried my level best to block the swimming thoughts of Edward elric in my mind. I knew anything and everything about Edward’s life history but Edward a homunculus that was the topic which gave me chills. Come to think about it Edward had another side of himself hidden somewhere in his body. Pondering over all of this I stepped outside my house ready to go to central.

The pain was exquisite, it was like inserting thousands of needles in my body and not knowing the adverse effect of it. I did not want to tell my little brother Alphonse about the change taking place in me. I do not know what is happening to me but I feel as though my soul is trying to battle against something evil that is trying to take over my heart , something strange is happening I think I have to tell my younger brother about it. These thoughts which were forming up came to a sudden lapse as they were thrown aside by the sudden wave of sleep. I awoke to the familiar sound of water trickling down the stream and the familiar hooting of the owl. It was a dark and starry night. All around my house were fallen stars, each one pretty in their own way.


I did not have much time to think about the stars and their qualities because what I had dreaded had finally started and somewhere in the corner of my heart I felt I was responsible for what would start from today.




Submitted: December 30, 2016

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