Late Night

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Another evening of sadness.

Submitted: December 30, 2016

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Submitted: December 30, 2016



We fight. I'm upset You call me a drunk....... The night is over

We fight. You're upset You call me a drunk....... There the night goes again.

Somehow I'm still losing Somehow I'm still awake at night

While you snore away our issues I'll lie awake and wonder.

Believe it or not I love you More than any love you could comprehend And it's not just because I'm too Sensitive that makes me this way

Don't bother to worry about me It's okay I know you don't. But if somehow you did manage to for a second Worry about someone you love


I'm okay

I fake it all for you. And I would again and again If it meant keeping you from hurt

You focus all our pain  on my shoulders But I mourn her loss and I think about her constantly She is in my every conversation and thought

I feel close to her While I may miss her in every way I think that I am okay I don't need you to shelter me

Please just get some time to help yourself You are hurting And in turn you will end up hurting us.

I love you If you love me..... Well let me help you

Nobody gets mad over nothing like that

I love you.

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