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A poem for my beautiful Angel baby Amelia.

Submitted: December 30, 2016

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Submitted: December 30, 2016



40 long weeks we waited for you 40 long weeks for the day I was due.

We took out your sisters old hand me downs There were toys, bibs, and blankets and even some gowns

My belly got bigger day by day I need this baby out I always would say.

Kisses and hugs from big sis every night She made faces and played games. It was such a beautiful sight!

Finally it was time to go! Your father (though I love him) was moving so slow!!

Into the car, as scared as could be! I couldn't wait to hold you and for your big sister to see!

That was the last moment of happiness we had. Our feelings since then have mostly been sad.

Before the words could even hit my ears I felt my eyes begin to well with tears.

The moments of waiting to push you out were hell And every second that passed my hopes they fell

It happened so quickly and there you were There was no crying or even a stir.

They placed you in my arms and my heart it shattered the world faded away and your face was all that mattered.

I screamed and I pleaded and I begged you to breathe The fact you were gone was still not one I could conceive

The truth settled in and my rage it came out All I could do was to cry and to shout

Your hair was so thick and your cheeks just as full You looked like a doll and your skin was as cool.

The smell that lingered on your skin, It's one I'll remember until the end.

Your father was as broken as me He couldn't cry any more he wanted to be free

Free of this nightmare that doesnt seem to end Ready for hearts possibly to mend.

Sleep has not come easy and the days are full of tears No showers, combs, or makeup and avoiding all the mirrors.

I know you are in heaven watching from above. I know that your happy, healthy, and loved

I know my tears of mourning are all just for me And I know one day your sweet face is the one I'll get to see.

My arms they ache to hold you for even just one more time And my heart it hurts with sorrow for that something that never will be mine.

I pray that you hear me as I talk to you each day I hope that you understand just what I'm trying to say

I'm saying that I'm jealous that I can't hold you near And that your first words I'll never get to hear.

I'm saying that I'm happy you are in a joyful place That I never have to worry if there's a smile on your face.

So while my world turns and becomes even more wild You, Amelia, will always be my dear sleeping child.

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