Crescent's Moon: The Story only the Ancients Know

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Family

Submitted: December 30, 2016

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Submitted: December 30, 2016



“How dare you go there! We told you it’s dangerous!” exclaimed the tribe master of the Windshed tribe. Crescent had gone to Crescent mountain and had been caught by one of the tribe-seniors who’d been guarding the mountain pass.


“I’ve been there and there was nothing wrong, dad!” shouted Crescent. She thought it was unfair that she couldn’t go up the mountain. Her father didn’t understand anything. The mountain is full of amazing things that she’d never find around the tribe-ground.


“I thought we brought you up properly. Your mother and I had a hard time taking care of you because of your infinite curiosity. You are very wise, Crescent, but wisdom may make you think foolish in front of the most simple things in the world,” said Crescent’s father, Laxeth.


Stomping away from her ignorant father, Crescent’s thoughts raged. She couldn’t believe she got caught. She was careless. Today of all days, she had to get caught. She was so close. Crescent walked toward her tepee when she heard Svelyn, her older sister, call out to her with her brother Rino.


“How did it go with father, Crescent?” asked Svelyn curiously.


“He doesn’t understand me or the nature I love. How can I understand him when he can’t understand me? I need to find out what’s in the caves and why its so scared, even by father!” exclaimed Crescent.


Covering his ears with his hands, Rino said, “Calm down Cres’, you’re getting agitated. If you want to go again, I’ll take you. It’s no good for a little girl like you to wander around the forest at night. A lot of animals live there, you know.”


Crescent snorted at her brother although she knew he was right. She didn’t like the way Rino treated her like a baby. Although she wanted to ignore Rino, he was too observant and helpful to do so.


Screaming voices outside made Crescent dash out 1of the tepee. Svelyn and Rino, also curious, followed behind Crescent carefully, hiding in the shadows. They gasped in surprise to find out their parents were the ones making the whole tribe-ground shake.


“How come she won’t listen! I’m her father, the proud leader of the Windshed tribe, Laxeth. I am wise, considerate, and decisive. I have made large contributions to our community and made trade prosperous! I made our Windshed tribe one of the most revered tribes in the West and yet Crescent won’t listen to me. I should be able to calm her down and make her listen to me. She thinks she’s so wise--though it is true. She only lacks experience and to have good experience, she should at least try to listen to me! I know her curiosity cannot be stopped but she should at least try! This is all your fault, Maregeth! You are the three children's mother but you never look at them or take care of them. You should be in their lives for them to listen to you! Now you can’t do anything and you can’t stop her,” boomed the tribe-master.


To Crescent’s surprise, her mother stared at her father straight into his eyes and talked strongly; she had never spoken to her father that way before. “I know I’m her mother. How dare you say I never take care of my children! I’m just busy taking care of other incidents around the tribe-ground that I just don’t have time to watch them. Also, you know I can’t stop her. Her curiosity cannot be stopped even though she listens to me well; you know that so stop trying to make this all my fault. The only way to stop her curiosity is to convince her that the place she’s going to is very dangerous. She says there’s nothing wrong but we can’t doubt our ancestors. They’re never wrong,” said Maregeth, looking towards the mountain. “Yet, she’s a young girl and she has a whole new life in front of her. I think we’re forcing our decisions on her. She should make her own choices, not follow the choices you make for her.”


Crescent was touched by her mother’s word and slowly walked her way back to her tepee. She started thinking of the past, when no one seemed to listen to her and didn’t let her make her own choices. She would want to go play in the mountains but the other tribe-children wouldn’t follow her. Cowards, she’d thought back then. I’ll go myself if no one would come with me. Unfortunately, her mother found out and stopped her. She was forced to stay in her tepee while Marageth’s guard dog kept watch. What her mother didn’t know was that Crescent had gone to the mountain countless times, finding her way through the forests and grounds that had no footprints. She had reached a section where everything seemed closed off and tried multiple times to find a way in, with no success. She wondered about that now, angered at how close she was to getting in, thus thinking so hard she didn’t notice Svelyn sitting next to her.


“Crescent,” said Svelyn in her smooth, mother-like voice. “I never knew mother was so understanding. I’m glad they decided to let you make your own choices. You’r old enough now, Crescent, your 13 years old!” Svelyn was ready to go on about how wonderful mother was before she stopped to see her sister ignoring her words. She tapped Crescent on the shoulder, took a deep breath, and said, “I going to follow you. To Crescent mountain. I know you’re surprised that I noticed you were trying to sneak out. You can’t fool me Crescent. Don’t even think of lying. You can’t change my mind. I’m your sister, and I know everything you try to do.”


“What!” hollered Crescent. “You can’t be serious. I don’t want you to get in trouble. That place is too dangerous! And I know you’re scared of the dark. You surely can’t go!”


“Crescent, listen to me. Are you treating me like a baby now? I’m your older sister! I have to be with you to protect you!” exclaimed Svelyn. “You said I’m scared of the dark. It doesn’t matter! I'm over with it. I can go with, and I will go with you. The important thing is that we need to stay together as a family. You also said that it’s too dangerous. If it’s too dangerous, you think I’ll let you go by yourself? Don’t answer that. You go with me or you don’t go at all. Okay, Crescent?”


Crescent knew there was no point talking back to her sister. She knew, once Svelyn makes up her mind, she always goes through with it. Rino walked solemnly behind them, making them jump. Crescent saw in his face that he heard everything they’d been talking about.


“So, Rino? What do you think? Want to join?” asked Crescent.


“Um...How did you…” stuttered Rino. He regained his composure and said, “yeah, I want to join. You didn’t think you'd run away without me right?” asked Rino.

Svelyn and Crescent smiled.


“Of course, Rino,” said Crescent. “We won’t leave you. Pack up and meet me up tomorrow after sunup okay?”


Rino and Svelyn nodded. They headed to their tepees and began to get ready for their big adventure.


One problem.


Crescent had no plans to go with her siblings.


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