To Rule or Be Ruled

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The mind is both a wonderful yet terrible thing. For it is capable of bringing us unspeakable joy and happiness, but can also harbour the darkest of thoughts, emotions and nightmares. It is a beacon of light and yet at the same time, encapsulated in an unknown shadow. There are still parts of the mind that we know very little about, and there is so much more yet to discover.

It is a very powerful thing, and without it we simply wouldn't be. Everything we do is because of our mind, it acts almost as a commander and our body the soldier, responding to every order we are given. It enables people to think and act in morals ways, but it also enables people to act in dark and unthinkable ways too. A darkness so terrifying, that even angels fear to tread. The fact that it has the ability to become a vessel of extreme darkness is both fascinating and horrifying. The most horrific of monsters are born by the very mind itself.

Submitted: December 31, 2016

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Submitted: December 31, 2016



I am a perfect mass of fat, water and nerves,

Fitting oh so neatly into that small space,

Without me there simply is no you,

For I take command of everything, from the biggest of actions, to the smile upon your face.


I am the hand which opens the door,

The mouth that allows you to speak,

The eyes that enable you to see,

I am the one that allows you to walk on your own two feet.


I am both your master and your servant,

Take the reigns and guide me,

Because if you do not,

It is I who will take the reigns you see.


I am your heaven and your hell,

I can make you do good or make you do bad,

I have the power to make you happy,

And the power to make you sad.


I can make you strong,

But I can also make you weak,

You have the power to change me,

Whatever it is that you do seek.


I can be your misery,

And I can be your pain,

Cripple your very existence until you feel no more,

Until there is not a single thing to gain.


I am the voices you hear within,

I am the monsters that you see,

I am the endless terror playing in your mind,

There is no escape,  not even in your sleep.


I can be your worst nightmare,

But I can be your Saviour too,

But which shall I be,

Well... That is entirely up to you.


 -- James William Cooper

© Copyright 2018 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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