I love New Years

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New years Eve! A day, no, Night of party and celebration, resolutions and change! Nothing can be sad, or unhappy about moving on from one year to the next! View a NYE party through the narration of a young adult, watching his dreams play out before his eyes!

Submitted: December 31, 2016

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Submitted: December 31, 2016



“Hey Rob! We’ve got some grog, and we’re heading over to Nathan’s place, you comin’?”


A phone call out of nowhere. Surprised me actually, that there were things happening between any of us, considering things had been deathly silent in the group chat for almost a month. This was a pleasant change. Finally something is happening, something that interests all of us enough, to bring most people along.


“Yeah Pete, sure thing. If alcohol’s involved, I’ll be walking. I’ll be there in thirty minutes.”

“No worries man, see ya soon!”


I’m glad they haven’t forgotten me. Not that I really care. Most summer breaks I’m content to just sit at home, with my family and play my games, read some books, and chill with my plants. I will admit though...this year the isolation is starting to get to me. My little brother, he’s at that age where he starts to go through phases. My parents have always been the snappy, and short tempered kind, and when you pair that with a stuck up little shit of a kid, always arguing, complaining, back chatting and more, tempers begin to flare, and the temperatures in the Aussie summer, mixed with hot heads? I’m lucky my house hasn’t burnt down yet.


The isolation I put myself in, stops me from having to deal with that shit. I don’t want to be involved, so leave me out of it. With things heating up at home though… I really wish I had more chances to get out of the house. A bit of a dilemma though, is that some of the shit happens because I used to get out so much. It’s a lose-lose situation for me in the long run. At least though, when I get out with friends, I have the short term pleasure of momentary joy and fun, until I’m required to come home and put up with more shit between my kin.


Far out, I need to start getting ready. I hope Nathan invited some lovely ladies. A particularly lady, I hope will come along. Her red hair, like dripping lava flows, from marble fountain, with two gems, jade, carved into the side of it. A perfect body, that I shan’t describe right now… I have other things to focus on besides the girl I fancy. If she comes, great...Hehe. If not, it’s not a loss. The company of people that aren’t related to me, is incentive enough to get me out of my dark cave.


I put on my shoes and socks. Something loose, nothing formal or anything. Comfy shoes to get me to and fro. I loose shirt, no collar, white. Black knee high shorts and a black jacket. Why a jacket in the middle of summer? Why the fuck not. The heat doesn’t bother, it’s the sweating afterwards that gets to me. I’ll carry it with me in case the weather changes. Better to be safe than sorry. Okay, my family knows what’s up, my brother is bitching about it, my parents are watching movies and browsing facebook. Alrighty, off I go.


The shop is on the way to Nathan’s place, I better stop by and get some alcohol that I like. Some strongbow cider, and maybe a bottle of captains. Nah, the others should have it already, I’ll get a bottle of smirnoff and some sprite to mix it with. Fuck, Eighty-four dollars off my paycheck. Oh well, worth it for some fun. New year's-eve after all. Someone my age, better live wild and reckless. Right?


Finally arrived at Nathan’s. Alrighty, I’m really keen for this. Sounds like people are plenty already. I wonder how his little outdoor patio looks. I heard he finished it, but never had the chance to see it until now. Woah boy...that’s big. I wonder if he’s compensating for anything?


“Heeeey Rob! Took your time getting here! I think Pat needs a hand with the barbie, I’ll take your booze and you deal with him before he blows shit up yeah?”


“Yea man, I’ll babysit. Save some drink for me though, I walked here for a reason.”


I see why Pat’s struggling with the barbie. He has a few dolls chatting to him. Always afraid to talk to the opposite sex Pat. Oh my. She’s here...the prettiest girl of whom I’m dreaming about. Play it cool, relaxed, and don’t do what Pat does.


“I see clowns still draw a crowd these days!”

“Fuck off Rob, you’re not funny”
“Oh yeah, I’m not funny. I’m hilarious. Might as well be a clown myself. I’m just lacking the bright red make-up on my cheeks. How’d you do it Pat? They look so natural!”

“Shut up and help me get the gas hooked up”

“Poor Pat, can’t hook up anything can you?”


Sometimes I lose track of how much of a bad person I can be. Fortunately, Pat has known me long enough to take most of it as harmless banter. Most of it. A lot of things I say to other people, can really come off as mean, and downright hurtful. Something I am trying to tone back on, day by day. Trying.


“There Pat, all good. Please be careful, and pay attention to cooking the meat.”


Phew, there’s a good number of people around. Half I know, half I don’t. After a shot to start me off, and a couple of ciders to hide my low tolerance of alcohol, I’m off to talk to some girls. Haha, yeah right. I can never socialize myself. I have to always follow-on after someone else. It’s not for a lack of trying, although tonight I don’t feel like becoming a complete outcast so soon.


As the night wears on, people are leaving, passing out, making out. Turns out someone brought weed. No thank you. I see people pairing off and leaving. Hey look at that, it’s almost midnight.


“Final countdown everyone! Rob get over here! Get in the shot.”

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,”

“I spilt my drink!”
“3, 2, 1!”



Some people cheered, plenty of people kissed. Others downed the last of their last drinks, and started their way home. This is all a little depressing. People pairing off, by the dozens it seems like. Others are left walking home alone. Is that what this is getting to now? All of these young people, feeling down because they have no companions, no partners to share an event with? I cannot say that I don’t sympathise, but to see so many people, looking so lonely and so suddenly grim? That really brought my mood down.


“Hey Rob”

“Oh, Sophie, hey! I didn’t realize you were here, how long have you been here?”

“I’ve been here since the party started, though looking at it now, doesn’t seem like much of a party…”
“Yeah, I see the same. Really depressing, seeing so many people so lonely…did you come alone?”

“Yeah actually, my friends said they’d come along after me, and, they’ve all gone home now, with others in tow.”

“Damn. Well, I’d have you know, I can be pretty good company, when the booze wears off”

“Really? I thought you might be better with the booze.”

“Well maybe we can get a few more drinks, you and I, and you can decide for yourself afterwards.”

“I think I might.”


I open my eyes to pitch black. A low hum to the left of me, the humming of my fan. I close my eyes and begin replaying the last things I remember. Over and over, as much as I recall, I want to see it again, all of it! C’mon, don’t disappear please! Damnit. I sit up and grab my phone. Fuck it’s bright! Scrolling through facebook...and there it is. Pictures and some videos, of the party I should’ve gone to. Looks like A lot of people went. Looks like she went too. I’m sure she left the party with someone. Good for them. Good for her. Oh well. I better get some sleep. The more sleep, the more dreams I can have.


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