My mind's trick

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This song is about eating disorders, the effects they have on both your mind and your body... I wrote this in the hopes of helping anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder as I am recently with anorexia. This is an encouragement to get help and trust other's when they say that something is wrong and you need to see a doctor.

Submitted: December 31, 2016

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Submitted: December 31, 2016



You look in the mirror and hope that it will get better,

all that weight that you hate, why did I just empty my plate ?

I need to get thinner, look better, that's all I think about all day !

No breakfast, no lunch and half a dinner but even with that I can't get thinner.

Other's see it but keep quiet, they nottice your diet,

You still only see the fat person who needs liposuction but even that won't help this is an addiction !


Finally someone steps up, rather speaks up

They say they're scared and you need to be repaired.

They think that you've lost too much weight and they'd hate for you to have that terrible fate.

What are they saying, it's not as if I'm fasting, I can still afford to quit eating.

More come up to you and say the same thing, and you start wondering

how can they all be wrong but how can you not see reality ?


A few weeks later, you feel weaker and start to fill with fear.

Am I too far gone ? Will I still be here by dawn ? Maybe the other's weren't wrong.

I look in the mirror and still see that I am no thinner, how can this be, what's happenin' to me ?

Should I tell someone or has this gone so far it can't get undone ?

I panic, don't even know if I'm sick, I still see someone thick, maybe this is my mind's trick !

I can feel my heart racing, my head is spinning, oh no, am I fainting ?


I wake up in a hospital bed, so much is happening in my head.

I look up and see a doctor and he tells me such a shocker,

mam I'm sorry but you have anorexia, it's a disorder you're friends are here hoping you'll get better.

How could this have happened, has my body really worsened ?

I still see the same body it's not skinny I even saw it as plumpy.

That's when I decided, my mind is too misguided, maybe my friends should be trusted.


That was all two years ago, now when I look back at my photo I see I probably wouldn't have seen tomorrow.

I was sent to hospital, turns out my illness was mental, my mind didn't let me see I was getting too little.

That illness almost took my life away, that's how little I used to weigh

now thanks to my friends I have the chance to stay, I could eat all day.

I'm okay with my body and that's the way it should be for everyone like me.

So for everyone with the same problem, you look awesome, go to someone, anyone, it's no burdon and soon the ilness will be undone.

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