Black vs Blue - Main Story - #9

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The Blacks discuss the plan of Reenevating the new cave system in Valhalla, The blues catch up, and Agent Quartsite introduces himself to the Orange Team, who then discuss what to do next.

Submitted: January 02, 2017

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Submitted: December 31, 2016



Quick Authors Note: Sorry for the 3 day Dodge, but I was very busy with my Youtube Channel, Dreamteller Productions, where I show my face. Some people started giving me crap about not posting Episode Nine, but I was trying to think of ideas for Episode Ten, and I have the story on a peice of paper in my desk. I'm prepared to write down Episodee Nine and Ten, and I'll write Episode Ten after I finish going to a Concert later. Here's episode Nine.


A drill drives up and parks infront of the cave. Leutenant yells to Jack, Who's driving it. "Make sure it has the second drill running!" Jeff walked up, "Hey, Leutenant, Why are we already mining in the new base? And why did we even start mining?" Leutenant replied, "Because I want to build a new armory. I'm tired of guns just lieing around." "But we already have caves that the last inhabitants made, and there's already a cave with a run down Military base on the Blues side. Why don't we just mine into that one and set it up there so we can suprise them?" "Because I want it here!" Leutenant walked off to Turnrug and his brother who were busy designing something. "How's that mine I asked for?" Turnrug responded, "Pretty good so far. Me and my brother set up the light sheild around the base while we're busy mining." Leutenant looked and responded with, "Good. Keep working. Private Cain! Get over here!" Cain ran in panting. "Yeah..what....whats up Leutenant?" "Where have you been? I asked for the mini drill a while ago, why didn't you bring it?" "Because...I got..distracted by the Blues. Churchhill is back and he's been talking to them for 2 days straight! How did we not see him?!" Leutenant pondered.."What did he look like?" "Well, Instead of a body, he was floating in the air. And, he was transparent." "Hmm. I'll talk to Center about it. Keep watching them. Good work Private Cain."

Over at Blue Base, Captain Churchhill has returned and told Flippers down, took the Blue team under his control and talking to the two. "So what happened to you two?" Ticker interupted, "Oh heck no! You're first. Tell us why you ditched us." Churchhill responded, "Fine. So, I woke up at night and an AI popped up, His name was Delta, and he told me that I was the last AI needed to merge them all to make the Full AI, or, in other words, merge them all together to make one we originally were. Nightfall. An AI that was seperated for every member of Project Dreamscade or something like that, So I went to a spot they told me about and then we merged. But, Not fully. There was an AI named Epsio, and He's missing. Delta told me that an Agent that remained from Dreamscade had it. We can't find it. So, Once I find Epsio, My memories erase, But Nightfall is reforged. Once we find the agent and the AI's he have, Our memories are gone and I'll be put in a new body, but Nightfall will be reforged and It will be safe." "So, Let me get this straight...You're an AI, and if you reforge this Nightfall AI, you're memories will be erased and you'll have a new body? Sick dude." "Yeah, So, what happened to you guys?" "Well, a member of the Blacks got kicked off his team, and then he came up to us, and we started fighting. Then, We accidentaly made Trainwreck the Captain by accidentaly agreeing, then Flippers, Trainwreck's gun, started talking and telling us that we had promoted him by accident. Then, Trainwreck said it was war, and we all went to fight the Blacks, but they had some huge gun. The gun blew up the bases and Center Relocated us to this place, where you found us and now we're here." "Wow. That's sick."

Cayin walked over to his privates. "Oriel, Owen! Get over here!" The two privates walked over responding in unison with, "Yes Sir!?" Just as Cayin was about to speak, Agent Quartsite appeared in."Hello there. Put you're weapons down, I'm not here to fight. Captain Cayin, I have recent news that you have an AI, Senma. I gave you that AI, and I would like it back." Cayin took the AI chip and put it in his pocket. "Thank you, Captain Cayin. I realize that you only have three members of this team. I can not trust the Blacks or the Blues, But You three are so desperate on knowing what to do, I could help. So, As an Agent of Dreamscade, I promote myself to you're assailant. I have a mobile base, The coordinates are now in you're HUD's. Good day." Agent Quartsite sped off to his mobile base, but not before dropping Sinma off in Churchhill's room. Churchhill followed into the room and the AI merged in. "Senma...I only have one left to find! Wait..That means...The agent is in this Canyon." Agent Quartsite had something planned. It would be spectaculer.


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