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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Frustrated

Submitted: December 31, 2016

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Submitted: December 31, 2016



"That's it! I've had enough! " Naeve cried out, as Martin and Alice arrived home. They could hear sounds of shattering from the kitchen. "What'd he....? " Martin began to ask. "I'll tell ya what he did. He refused to go to the physiotherapist's, sayin it was useless an' I had to painstakingly drag him there. Then, he broke all yer crockery while I was fixin dinner. He was aimin at my head, but fortunately, I ducked in the nick of time. I've had it with his tantrums an' him takin out his frustration on me. I know he's in a lotta pain.....but, I just can't...! " she complained with a sob, before leaving, slamming the door behind her. "Yet another fed up caretaker! " Alice, who was fed up and frustrated herself, muttered under her breath with a sigh. They found him sobbing and feeling sorry for himself while solemnly staring at the kitchen floor, at the broken ceramic strewn at his feet. "Hey, mate....looks like someone had a bad day. D'you wanna go to the park? Will that cheer ya up? " Martin asked sweetly as he knelt down in front of him, in a bid to cheer him up. Their dad often took em to the park whenever either of em were having a bad day as kids. "Why're ya talkin to me like I'm a child? " the frustrated man retorted, in a grouchy voice. "I'm not. I'm talkin to ya like I would to an adult, mate." he defended himself, trying to calm Matt down, since he seemed to get worked up over anything that anyone said to him. "No, ya weren't! Ya were talkin to me like ya would to a dog or a six year ol! " he cried out, getting worked up again. "Who in his right mind would talk to their dogs?! I'm just bein nice to ya! " Martin argued. "Just go to the f#*king park already! Geez! " an annoyed Alice lost it, as she glared up at the brothers, looking up from the ceramic mess which she was cleaning up. "Rather temperamental today, isn't she? " Matt muttered to Martin. "Let's get ya outta ere, eh? " Martin decided, pushing his brother out for some fresh air, while she stayed behind picking bits of ceramic off the floor. "Hey, Laurie! Long time, no see! Out for a late night jog? " flirty Martin asked with a wide grin on spotting the neighborhood hottie jog past them. "None of your business....An' not happenin, Martin! " she replied haughtily, before jogging away. "Tell me somethin, Martin. Are ya usin me as bait so ya can talk to pretty joggers in the park? " a suspicious Matt asked. "Nah....All though, ya could appear a bit cheerful. Yer startin to scare off the poor women! " Martin lied, grinning sheepishly. "I thought ya were done chasin women....after all, ya already swooped my wife off her feet! Probably already slept together, haven't ya both?! " a jealous Matt accused, coldly. "Excuse me?!" he exclaimed, bringing the wheelchair to a halt, in horror at his accusation. "Sorry. That was o'er the line. " he muttered, though not sounding apologetic. " was." Martin agreed, raising an eyebrow at his comment. "It's my meds. They make me grouchy, ya know? Although....I'm not quite sure what ya two were up to while I was away...An' ya do seem to be together all the, naturally, I got to doubtin! " Matt confessed, still distrustful of the relationship between his brother and Alice. Martin had a good mind to leave Matt stranded in the park for falsely accusing him, but instead he composed himself and explained- "We were workin, that's all. Besides, I've seen the way she looks at ya. She only has and always will have feelings for ya, mate. An' for chrissakes, she's my sister-in-law! I'm appalled ya think I'd sleep with my own sister-in-law! Now, let's go home, eh? It's gettin dark an' I'm sure yer wife will be gettin worried." An assured Matt remained quite as his caring older brother wheeled him back home.

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