Run-on's & Fragments

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Submitted: January 01, 2017

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Submitted: January 01, 2017



Once upon a time, when I didnt know how to rhyme, I would hold everything inside and walk this earth blind. But sometimes the Divine, would allow me to surf and ride the brain waves through my mind. At times I fear my limited time, so I decide to ignore all stop signs, run red-lights before reaching the finish line. Where the incline climb makes me want to rewind time and throw up the peace sign to the things i tried so hard to find . Trying to learn to enjoy this time before inevitable receding decline back into the earth, where ashes turn to dirt. Leaving behind the body and mind. Unwanted since before my birth, born out of spite because sometimes the illusion of love hurts. Torn between the darkness and light, the Ying yang of life. One provides the necessary setting to reciprocate the things that ignite. I keep forgetting my 3rd eye that sees the heart, so unrighteous and contrite. Some might use their mouth to spit game, while others are all bark and no bite. To this day I never been one to go against the grain, but others hide from the sun cuz they werent quite brought up the same way. Eventually showing their true colors with actions they try to hide, but that's all just some child's play that always collides . I miss my brother Jose that stepped into the light, i hope that when I move closer to my end, I can forget my fear of heights. Don't correct me if I'm right, but some say doing the same thing over and over, resilience and being insane are identically defined. Everybodys dressing like they're on the runway, fashion show of posers idolizing posters, but at the end of the day there will be a price to pay. Ignorance is bliss until you get get hit or ran over crossing tracks of a1 way train. That's why they say to stay in your lane. Sometimes i get stuck between being humble and craving exposure, finding that luck is more than just wish bones and 4 leaf clovers. The first hangover is the equivalent of an alcoholic the first day sober. We're all just trying to find a way to escape by staying in some form of drunken state. We don't give as much as we take, so we continuously keep putting too much on the plate even tho we already ate. Silently begging for a clean slate for being an imperfect perfectionist being burned at the stake. Its all give and take, but at the end of the day my reality is whatever I choose to create. Everybody knows black and white make 50 shades of gray, which is also made up of the same thing that makes the mentality of a hunter stalk its prey or a slave obeying every word the master would say. Life is just 1 big house party and we're all trying to dance like kid and play. There no more romance becuz if they was people would'nt act that way. Wandering aimlessly like a stray trying to find its way. I don't always take time to pray and maybe thats why my blessings seem to be delayed. Maybe my lack of appreciation for the conveniences that are always put on display, is the very reason I back track some of the things that I say. I get so tired of carrying this abstract backpack, theres too much extra weight. Setting fire to an empire of unfulfilled desire, so my soul will liberate, carefully planning the escape. Facing my fate for all of my priors and I may not make it past Heaven's gates. Embracing the truth among the liars that habitually try to bend it, until the pliers break. The same Life lessons are taught until you learn from your mistakes. Some bridges need to be burned, becuz there's only so much I can tolerate. Thats why I try to shake all these snakes and fakes, that always tend to smile in my face while tryna take my place. Reality is made up of more than just time and space. It's a galaxy downing all the drank with no chase and casually walking the plank, drowning in ancient H2origens that can't be traced. It can tripp you out like shoes unlaced or a blunt that's laced. Words from my soul to the mouth, that I can barely use or pronouce, to describe my life on this plane in this place. I always write about the same old things, like I just copy and paste..-ajg

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