The Christmas Lies

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Submitted: January 01, 2017

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Submitted: January 01, 2017



The Christmas Lies

By John Jimoh

Families go in recession even deeper

Confusion singing a song of discord

Binding all souls together in grief

As the months roll by

Authority of the day running

Shattered promises with smiles in them

Tales of lies only assuage for a moment

Truth of agony in the face of all leaks

Leaving parents and children in shackles

The stay-at-home and youths in despair

Tyranny reeling from the moneyed

Groaning from every bend

When starvation crushed

They cried to their creator for alleviation

The voices of the Oracle gave them hope

Lost in the hopes and counters

The Christmas is finally here

Faith fails, hope dashes, the people foray

The voices of the Oracle again beckon

This Christmas is posh...but lie smells on...

What a nation...what a people..what a priest

What a government... what a lie...hush!

An exact match of a devious nation!

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