Smiles In The Tunnel

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Submitted: January 01, 2017

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Submitted: January 01, 2017



Smiles In The Tunnel

By John Jimoh

At last in the den of the captors

Where the mansion seats on a countryside

Like haven made of bricks and without frames

So vague and beyond human grasp

Some magnificent ornaments coating the ledges

Some repulsive ceramics underlying the layers

Scary and awful is the scene, there I come

but when I trekked down the tunnel

I saw an avenue to vindicate myself

I plunged into the combat of liberty

All sleeves rolled midway the elbow

And I fought, gushing the blood of tyranny

My golden occasion to exploit in freedom path

I poured out to the foes like fire to devour

They melted away like the candle wax

And then I stood and saw the beauty of life

Never knew I was in the tunnel anymore

Lights flicker all day long, night as good as day

All that I needed I found, life is wily! I mused

Everything within me smiled in the tunnel

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