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just a little stab at life.

Submitted: January 01, 2017

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Submitted: January 01, 2017





Mind racing

Time and space fused together my mind’s taking

A turn for the best or the worst I don’t know…

But this time my time is what I’m taking

No faking reality, no escaping this fatality

My fate sleight handed by the devil because he’s mad at me


Do-gooders get done wrong and wrong-doers just live long

It sounds backwards in the opinion of my own


This cold world is on the brink of extinguishing my fire but

My flame stays alit due to a burning desire to

Bring change without change because I’ve only got a dollar Id

Have change if I broke it to call my dad but I don’t bother to


Hands washed with him… Ain’t it a clean slate?

Wars break out before peace is ever made

Life is more surprising than an Easter egg

Got a job and I’m working so at least I’m getting paid

Gotta get it right before I reach the grave.

I’ll be six feet under-ground…under-neath people walking around

With smiles and frowns that ain’t thinking about what’s

Really around them, what really surrounds them!

DAMN it’s painful just thinking about it!

Thinking about these people not thinking about shit!


Roaring like a lion but dormant like a mat in front of door is what I’m lying like

I’m a Nova exploding as a…chemical combustion

Also…imploding internally feeling the blood rushing to my head

Like a dad who lost his job and got too drunk

from one too many shots of vodka, His wife

Rushing her husband to hurry home back to his loved ones.

Behind the wheel swerving good intentions didn’t deserve it

They lost one and he lost four, jaws hit the floor when instead

Of keys dropping over and over... they hear a knock at the door

And that’s it… he is gone. No cure for death. Not yet at least

But a man will never be GOD type of thinking is a disease.

All we need from the doc is a dose of love and peace.

© Copyright 2019 Muneer Gonsalves. All rights reserved.

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