Last Job

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Just another focused on my original character Odi. Thanks for reading.

Submitted: January 01, 2017

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Submitted: January 01, 2017



Odi had never considered himself a fan of the woods. Sure there were worse ways to spend your time, and he’d definitely done worse. He’d still rather be taking a nap back at his place then walking through miles of empty forest looking for a couple of idiots.

“The things we do for love.” He whispered to himself as his eyes scanned the surroundings with a bored expression. He could’ve been back at his place catching up on his sleep or down at the bar helping himself to pie and some really awesome dark beer. Shi hated when he drank so he didn’t partake too often but he still enjoyed the little things.

Speaking of Shi, he thought about the reason he was out in this particular stretch of the woods. Two things he never did was go on solo jobs, and buy expensive things. Now because of her he was going to do both. Well she didn’t make him but she was certainly the motivation behind the act. Her birthday was coming up soon and he didn’t want to get her anything subpar for her sixteenth birthday. So in order to scrounge up a nice amount of money in a short amount of time Odi decided to take on a bounty gig.

It was a very simple job, in concept. But the reality was four days of walking through the stinking woods looking for a group of bandits who better pray he finds them soon or he might take the dead, instead of the alive that was in the job description.

Funny how he couldn’t the courage to tell Shi that he liked her as much more than a friend, but he could easily find the courage to track down and potentially kill a group of bandits. Still he was determined to finally confess on her birthday. He would get her one sweet present and then tell her when she was loving the gift. It was completely foolproof.

“Now I just need to find these morons!” yelled Odi in frustration. Unsurprisingly besides scaring a few birds the woods didn’t react to his outburst.

It was going to be a long walk.

There was little in the ways of entertainment in the empty woods so Odi reflected to pass the time. His life was just beginning but it had in no way lacked for excitement. He didn’t like to think of his childhood, so his thoughts drifted back to his time at camp where they were all taught how to use their abilities.

Odi had arrived a bit later than the rest of the class due to…circumstances, so he’d been placed on a team with Kaia, and Gray who were short a member. Back then Kaia was fiery redhead with the powers to match while Gray was a sullen boy who looked as pale as the moon. Now some of Gray’s composure had rubbed off onto Kaia, and Gray was still reserved but more positive. Heck he even cracked a smile every now and then.

He was the first one to call out Odi when he was being an idiot, and Odi both hated and respected him for that. Still there was no doubting that Gray was good to have at your back when the stuff hit the metaphorical fan. The way he flung people about with that magic of his almost made Odi jealous.

Odi could turn blood into pure energy, and use it to enhance his physical prowess to unnatural levels. It usually just made him move faster and hit harder than anyone they ran up against, but he was also experimenting with a few other uses but Shi said it was too dangerous so he didn’t bother with it.

As usual when his thoughts drifted to Shi, Odi smiled when he pictured her face. If it wasn’t for her coming in later to join the team Odi would still probably be the little brat he used to be.

Before he met her Odi had been pretty damn sure that the world was rotten to the core. Yet she somehow managed to change his mind. She was so kind and gentle even in a world as screwed up as theirs. She cared so much, and could manage to see the good in everyone.

Heck the first time things had gotten out of hand and Odi was forced to kill a highwayman who was attacking a caravan she cried for the man and begged Odi to bury him.

She was too good for a world like this.

Still Odi was determined to protect her (he knew Gray felt the same) no matter the cost. The reason he trained so hard was to get strong enough to protect her from the whole world if need be. He would become soaked in blood if it kept her clean.

To put it simply, he loved her.

That’s why he would do anything for her. Including tracking a group of bandits through the woods for money.

“Speaking of money.” Said Odi as he came upon an old campsite situated near the path. It was far from fresh but these bandits were the type to hit up villages so with that in mind Odi changed direction head toward the nearest settlement.

Not too long now.

“This is easy!” laughed Garret loudly as the others cheered their agreement. “Hell yeah!” shouted Gren who was a small whip of a man next to Garret’s bulk.

“Take what you want.” drawled Delilah in her husky voice. Her speech, and dark complexation made it clear she wasn’t a local. Why someone like her would come so far just to prey on peasants was unknown.

Together they were…just another group of bandits, who at the moment were celebrating another job well done. Another isolated village was hit up for all of their valuables, which might not seem like much but when you take the hard work of multiple years in one afternoon it wasn’t a bad haul.

And since they weren’t a big enough problem to warrant an armed response from the local lord they were pretty confident that their spree would continue unabated for a long time. Delilah’s magic was enough to deal with any small resistance.

Things were going pretty good for the criminal trio as they sat around their fire enjoying some of the spoils of their latest raid.

Which just consisted of getting drunk on stolen wine.

Gren, and Garret were pretty far gone but Delilah was catching up fast. They weren’t worried about posting a guard since the only thing around for miles were trees and animals. Nothing could ruin their day.

Except well…

“Oh good your drunk. That’ll make this way easier.” A bored sounding voiced called from the trees. Delilah shot up from the log she’d been sitting on while her male companions fell over each other in shock. “What the hell?” She gasped as she looked around blearily for the speaker. She was most definitely regretting that last bottle.

It didn’t take long to see who it was since Odi had no interest in stealth. He didn’t doubt that he could handle a bunch of drunken bandits. He’d been stomping through the woods for days so his limited patience was all but spent. He walked into the light of their fire to make himself visible.

Now the female bandit who reacted the quickest to his appearance sucked in a breath. He supposed he did look somewhat intimidating in his leather armor with the fire light glinting off the two blades strapped to his waist. Odi gave a sharp grin to the wasted bandits.

“Please surrender, and make this easy for yourself.” He’d rather not risk hurting them.

Delilah cursed loudly at the turn of events. Surprisingly Garret was the first to act. He picked up a small skinning knife and winged it in Odi’s direction. Problem was that knives weren’t very effective when the person throwing them was a few bottles under the table. Especially if the person you were throwing them at was someone like Odi would trained with knives for the last few years.

On Odi’s part he dodged the knife before it even left Garret’s hand, by simply side stepping to the right. He turned back to the trio with a raised eyebrow. “Seriously?” Garret was drunk, but not drunk enough to not look somewhat embarrassed by such a shoddy attempt at killing a trained mage.

“Watch and learn genius.” Said Odi in a casual tone. He then picked up a small stone off the ground only to whip it at Garret’s big head with messy results. The stone cracked against the larger man’s skull, and sent him down like a sack of hammers.

If Delilah wasn’t extremely concerned with the encounter she was in, she would’ve hit her face with her palm in exasperation. Instead she began to channel her magic into hands. She was far from a master, but she knew how to deal some damage in a fight. Her people were famous for their use of wind magic.

She was concentrated on focusing the energy just right for her attack, so when she looked back up at Odi to let it loose she was surprised by the armored fist that slammed into her face, and knocked her straight out of the land of the waking.

Odi glanced down at the conked out mage, and shook his stinging hand. Remembering the last of his targets Odi focused his eyes on little Gren who was swaying dangerously on his feet.

Not too much of a threat. “You going to try anything?” Asked Odi with an open face.

Gren’s only response was to stare at Odi with a blank face for several moments before he proceeded to throw up multiple mouthfuls of stolen wine, and food onto the forest floor. This went on for a while before Gren, finally spent collapsed face first in his newly made puddle.

Odi with an expression of vague disgust on his face summed up the situation perfectly.


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