I'm Never Gonna Dance Again

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This is about the sad death of singer George Michael on December 25, 2016.

Submitted: January 02, 2017

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I'm Never Gonna Dance Again (George Michael Death)

By Alaq Alhussein

George Michael was always a singer that I listened to. I listened to his song Careless Whisper. I found out about Careless Whisper about two years ago, while I was with my family at a beautiful hotel that has the view of the freeway, and it was at night. I overheard the song in a random music video. It was around the end of 2014, and nearing to 2016. I heard the song and finally found out what it was called. Then after that, me and my sister heard the song all through the nights of the hotel while looking at the freeway. We made my mom hear it and we all loved it. Then after we got back from the hotel we still listened to it but not as much. I always knew the name of the artist but never seen their face.

Then in 2015 we continued to listen to the song but occasionally, but when we did it would bring back so many memories, of the hotel we used to go to and remembering how we felt at that moment. That feeling when I heard the song, it almost never came back, and I want to feel that feeling. We went to the same hotel in 2015 but we almost rarely heard the song. Then around this time, a month before George Michael passed, around November. I for some reason, wanted to see the video clip for the first time. Then I saw the video clip of Careless Whisper because that was the only song we heard from the singer. Then I thought he had really nice hair and ear rings in that song. When I hear any nice song, I most of the time don't want to see the singer because it would just mess up my imagination.

But when I saw George Michael in that video, it added to the imagination, and I never thought he looked like that. Also, the song everytime I would hear it, it would remind me of the feeling I felt in the hotel room next to the freeway and had many memories. Then I finished the video and went on with my day. A month later I heard that he passed away, I felt kind of bad for some reason. He wasn't someone I would look up, but someone who had a special song.   Then I started to look into George Michael's other songs and listen to Careless Whisper almost daily, and other songs. I love his hair in the 80's it looks a lot like my Mother's hair. I found it wierd that he died unexpectedely at a very young age. But we all die at the age we were meant to die at. When I listen to the song I think about the lines "I'm never gonna dance again" and notice that it is true in his case, sadly. RIP George Michael. "I'm never gonna dance again"

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