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This is an intro to the Sunworld series that I am writing.

Submitted: January 02, 2017

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Submitted: January 02, 2017



Look. This was long ago. We were not born then yet. Nothing was. Only the constant flow of the void. It hungered for something, even though the taste of it was long forgotten. Void consumed itself, regurgitated and fed its own parts to its nothingness. The void was forever and since before the previous Times and Destinies.

But the circle always starts again and again and again and this was the start of our little story. Something like a group of hungry dogs, void’s mouths started fighting for a bite. And in their astronomical quarrel, they crashed against each other. The explosion caused by this crash would wipe out a universe within seconds. But there was no universe. The sparks created were too hot for the mouths to bite and too bright to approach.

Thus, something appeared in the void. Nothingness gained an adversary: sound. Sound that became a note and then a melody. Sparks grew toward each other, fused and shaped into the First Sun. The root and stream of existence. Its heat burned the void, light blinded it and the Song that it sang caused it to squirm. Void rushed away, leaving far enough so that the sun rays would not be able to reach it.

Time did not exist then. There was only The Song of the Weightless and the First Sun. It was weaving notes into meaning. Filling each atom of space with substance and idea. Resonating through the cosmos, the First Sun gained awareness. And with it, four planets were forged out of fire and music. Warm, heated cradles for the first whispers of existence.

Were they like cocoons? We imagine them to grow like butterflies. Or maybe eggs? That would solve some philosophical debates. They could have been like thunder and tornadoes of fire and lightning. One thing is certain, the Creators grew within the eternal lullaby of the Song of the Weightless. It nurtured them, fed their dreams and shaped their beauty.

First to wake were Destiny and Time. First celestial siblings, oldest of all Creators. Made out of darkness and with stars in their eyes and heads. They became caretakers of their growing family. They listened to what the First Sun wanted them to do, and they did so willingly.

Time took some sand from under his feet and blew it off his hand. The force of his breath created a motion, and the specs of sand created past, present and future. Destiny drew a line on the ground and every pattern that she saw alongside it whispered to her. She created possibilities that filled Time’s song that began at the start and will end when Void comes back.

As the new generation of creators awoke and looked after the second, the First Sun built the universe. In a beautiful waltz of song and light and purpose, planets were born out of nothing. Stars ignited out of darkness to be the First Sun’s eyes. Forever circling and humming the Song of the Weightless. Every planet was a pale canvas to be turned into something else. Like soil to be fertilized with seeds of a plan that is beyond understanding.

It took millennia for the singed scars within to heal after Void left. Only then did the second generation open their eyes to greet their awareness. They rose above their cradle planets and stepped forward into the universe, guided by the voice of their parent, lured by the whispers of stars.

In their sleep, creators were forming their talents, developing their own unique art of creating out of nothing into the worlds they will build. Nameless yet, but already capable of reshaping galaxies, they looked to their parent to guide them and heard a single ‘Create!’. And new worlds were born, full of life and dreams.

This is the beginning of the Sunworld. The first story of a universe.

Sing Your Dreams,


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