The Play, The Family

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Submitted: January 02, 2017

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Submitted: January 02, 2017



One, two, three, the gun shoots. The weight of water crashes the lungs of the poor soul that’ll never see the light again. This bucket of cement will never let their legs go. 

Start loading. Make this last for as long as they could. 

Long ago there was a bonding of two souls. Every time such meeting happens one of the lovers loses their wings and hurts their feet against the too hard soil that mortals walk on. And the angel died, like any mortal will. And a tree grew upon his unnamed grave and then a lake formed at that place. The waters are dark and angry at those who forgot their secrets. 

Turn the wheel. The circles start again and again and again and again.

Years passed. A hundred? We’re not interested in such primitive thing like counting seconds of eternity. There was a woman and there was a man. They had a noble calling of helping Death bring voices to her Empire of Silence. However, the man and the woman didn’t have something. They didn’t have love for each other. In fact, sometimes she had to put extra foundation on her beautiful face to hide the bruises. 

Initiate: two sons. Two handsome men with dark hair and brown eyes. Noble and true and never wasting time. Next. Beautiful daughter. Hair red and eyes green. She inherited her mother’s love and support. She never left any of her siblings in distress. Next. The twins, young man and his sweet sister. Blond hair, blue eyes. Here the system glitches and creates a damaged file.

It might be our fault. It might be fault of the angelic blood in his veins. See how It glows with blue spirals and sings a song of knowledge. He knows so much but it also hinders his perspective. His sister is the innocence and sweetness incarnate however. Blood is an entertaining thing.

The sons and daughters grew in the greenhouse of their mother’s love. They were oblivious to the horrors she withstood to keep them happy and free. Until one night the older brother and sister woke to a crashing sound.

They went to see its source and saw their father beating their lady mother. In silence, children killed him the next night, with a stealthy injection. That was the first out of many secrets that these two keep away from their siblings.

Years passed. The twin of the murderer went to a party and was mocked by a girl he liked dearly. He came back in tears - Oh, how much more will there be! - and his mother showed him the books in the library. He started reading. He sank in the beautiful world of stories and poetry. He didn’t want to see anyone anymore. He found his paradise…

Initiate the angry shade that hates its offsprings. See how its eyes glow red in the dark and sometimes you can see its fangs glisten when a lightning flashes.

The reading brother was no longer part of a loving family. He moved away from their love into his lands of books. The shade cursed the reader. For he lost the angelic ward of family love. And then he slowly turned into a dwarf. A hump grew on his back. And he didn’t notice anything, uttering the monologues of book characters in the candlelight. 

Then one day the mother died from the shade’s vengeance. It happened all so fast. The death, the funeral. The business lost its lady leader. The money disappeared. The friends left. The house taken away. The streets are so cold at night. The siblings are bound together in love and poverty.

Their despair was howling and tragic. But not for too long. The older brother started working at many jobs with barely two hours to sleep per day. So did his secretbound sister. The twins were singing and dancing in the streets to earn at least something. The dwarf was looking after the humble hovel that was their new home. 

Their beautiful songs cracked after the loss. They became twisted canvases of their former innocence. One became heartless, another turned into a herald of woe, sister turned distant and unwilling to be around, dreaming of a chance to get away one day. The twins turned into agents of mischief and misfortune.

Oh how we love this family of orphans. The bloody tears of love and hatred they wept for their parents. 

This is a prologue, sweetling. We’ll tell more later.

It’s not really a secret… 

Sing Your Dreams,



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