How can the otherworldly transform someone? And what kind of people triumph the most when their powers make them rise above the rest?

Table of Contents

Book I: Jaime

As I look over the room, a few things become clear to me. One, this whole place is on high alert. Armed guards are swarming everywher... Read Chapter

Reality ensues

I wake up with some difficulty as my alarm keeps ringing. Heaving a sigh of relief as I finally shut that damn thing off I spend another ... Read Chapter

The Tutorial

When I come to, I find myself lying on a bed. But the room I’m in looks totally different. In fact, there’s no wall visible in front ... Read Chapter

The Consummation

I spend most of the next day touring Kayla’s mansion. It’s rather reminiscent of the classy art thief lairs you see in the movies. Be... Read Chapter

A New Leaf

It takes me three more days to completely finish off my packing, and make the arrangements for transportation of my stuff to Kayla’s pl... Read Chapter

Back to Work

“Are you sure?” I say to her. “Yeah, Jaime! You don’t have to sell-out all of your firm’s secrets to me, I’ll be fine!”... Read Chapter

The Validation

"I really didn't want to do this, you know. It's embarrassing." Kayla says. I just smile and kiss her again. As the day of the Ro... Read Chapter


On the day of the Rodham job, Kayla decided to honor the night we'd spent before by wearing her black jumpsuit to the job. Despite m... Read Chapter

Thank You

I keep my arm firmly wrapped around her waist, as we continue to walk in the snow. Kayla doesn't know it yet, but I'm close to tears ... Read Chapter


I wake up and see that Kayla is staring at me with a sleepy grin on her face. I caress her face and she blushes in response, but doesn't ... Read Chapter

Book II: Katie

I wake up rather late by my standards, and I briefly get a pang of anxiety. Then I realize I have no pending assignments, and my girlfrie... Read Chapter


I wake up as the sun is setting, and see that Bridgit is still asleep right next to me. She looks so adorable, just dreaming away like th... Read Chapter

The Hunt

It's the next day, after Bridgit and I have eaten breakfast together, that a plan forms in my head. I feel so excited that... Read Chapter

The Resolution

"This is so pathetic." I say, lazily shooting down another projection that rushes at me. Bridgit was completely on the mark. This tar... Read Chapter


"Phew, that was intense." I say, having woken up from our latest mission for BlueCorp. "Yeah." Bridgit says. "It was fun, though." ... Read Chapter

Power Dynamics

"You heard me, Kayla. You and Jamie can leave now." Vicki says, as Kayla still looks a little unnerved and hesitant. I can't say that I b... Read Chapter

A Dream Come True

It took us a while, but we finally made it. What's even more wonderful about this is that it isn't something Bridgit and I ever plann... Read Chapter

Our Anniversary

I wake up, feeling a little drowsy and wanting to go back to sleep again. Soon afterward, I feel the warmth of the woman next to me, her ... Read Chapter


"You're so petty, you know that?" I say to Valerie, before kissing her. "Come on, you're just saying that because Bridgit's solo... Read Chapter

We Matter

Sometimes we're so content with our triumphs in their own right, that we don't see how they're transforming the world in the long run. ... Read Chapter

The Quiet Journey

I unfold the fabric and lay out the battlesuit before me. Yep, it looks as impeccable as ever. A sexy, form-fitting catsuit with strategi... Read Chapter

Interlude: Nothing Personal

"Hello?" "Yeah, this is Erica. I wanted to ask you again about-" "For the last time, there's nothing I have to tell you. The deat... Read Chapter

A Close Call

I lift up Erica's avatar with ease and carry her over my shoulder. Thank goodness Bridgit managed to spot her in time. And thank good... Read Chapter

Book III: Valerie

"Just when are we going to start?" Katie says with a giggle, as I kiss her on the lips once again. I've just buttoned up her red catsuit,... Read Chapter


"Phew, that was a little messy." I say with a chuckle, as I activate the scrubber on my catsuit to remove the rest of the blood sticking ... Read Chapter

Interlude: After the liberation

I'm still struggling to live with the fact that I've given in to Valerie's wishes. Even after a few months have passed since I turned... Read Chapter

The Triumphant Monsters

This has to be right up there with one of the best operations we've ever done. As the building where we've slaughtered our latest pre... Read Chapter

Epilogue: The perpetual feast

I eagerly begin to kiss her once we've found a secluded spot. However, the woman I'm loving isn't Katie or Bridgit. In fact, thi... Read Chapter

Reminiscing in Paradise

As we clean up the corpses of our prey after another successful harvest, and the scrubbers cleanse our catsuits of all their sticking blo... Read Chapter

Our Happiness

"Wow, that was quite refreshing." Katie says as we gaze upon the embers still flickering in this ravaged city. Ravaged by our own ha... Read Chapter


"Alright, how about this one?" I ask Katie, and she takes a bite. "Mmm, yeah I love it! This one's got the right tanginess!" "Tha... Read Chapter

Research and Development

"Alright." Katie bellows as she waves the truck over. "There you go!" Jane stops the truck and gets out, heading over to me. "Here." ... Read Chapter

The Deception Party

"What? No!" the guy screamed as he hid behind me to defend himself from all the other girls who'd surrounded us. "This is bullshit!"&... Read Chapter


"We're so damn proud of you." I say, my voice tearful as I kiss Allison. We're still relishing the warm afterglow of our tryst. Our b... Read Chapter


"Mmm..." I say, as I snuggle closer to Jane, tightening my hold ever so slightly. It's honestly felt kind of liberating that we'... Read Chapter

Safety in love

"Mmm..." Katie says as she snuggles against me. Bridgit does the same. My dear and beloved girls are safe and sound with me once more... Read Chapter

Memory: The Fourth Estate

It felt so refreshing to be wearing my orange catsuit again. The deaths of my competitors had not gone unnoticed. There were man... Read Chapter

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