The illusion of Trump vs. Hilary

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Enlightening Rant

Submitted: January 02, 2017

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Submitted: January 02, 2017



Will everybody shut the F#@& up about Trump, we get it He's a piece of $#!+, but if you hate him as much as you say what are you doing to stop him. I hate to burst your bubble, but History shows they need a puppet every 10+ years to increase our power to continue to living in this FreeWorld. If you think Trump is so stupid, than you are worst than he is becuz you actually believe he has the ability to make all those executive decisions on his own, and I know your gonna argue and say his advisors do, but here's the truth: That has to be sanctioned by the Higher ups first, the guys at the table no one knows nothing about. Kaizer fucking Sozay.. If your vote mattered as much as it did, than why do you allow them to keep rigging the votes? Bush Jr. Won on a recount, basically what they made your simple minds to believe with Gore, is the same thing they did with Hilary. Do you actually believe any other country would allow ((it's gonna get a lil sexist)) a woman to tell them what to do. Women still get fucking stoned for showing too much leg.. ((For the younger readers: Stoned, as in rocks thrown at them till they murder the mystery woman under her cloak. #Ulilpotheads!! Also cloak: is a garment used to cover yourself, I'm sure what they wear is called something else, I don't really care what it's called that's not the point.)) My Point is that you had to wait until she couldn't even get her period anymore until they even considered her to have the illusion of a chance. And maybe they will allow you to have Hilary next term, but it's only to give you crumbs of hope, as she try to clean up the mess the other asshole made. Like what Obama did. You been getting fucked over your whole life and when you go to complain, you accept "No I didn't" as an answer to suffice, becuz then it's somebody else. It's truly sad to see. And the worst part about it is, they allowed you to make the decision to divide our country in more ways than we already were. You allowed a puppet to create so much hate within yourselves you almost become Trump like. Love conquers all. The good book says "love thy neighbor" it's doesn't say love thy neighbor as long as they have the same political view as you. You say it won't work, but have you genuinely tried?! Or is your ego and your pride so against it, that you fail to realize loving thy neighbor isn't about the other person, it's about instantly enhancing the quality of your Life for your Life. Selfishly loving your neighbors unconditionally, so their hate no longer influences you to reciprocate in a negative way, but your love might blossom something beautiful within them. That's the true Revolution, EXISTENTIAL RELEVANCE IS THE KEY TO UNBLOCK AND UNLOCK YOUR ENLIGHTENMENT. #IFUKNEWBETTERYOUDOBETTER I'm out ????? **((microphone drop))**-ajg "you better ask somebody "

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