Flashback of obsession

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Winning a flawless heart with it's perfect sound is the true light of life that even sparks within a strong darkness.A strength of being loved is a iridescent lumunisence of true love.When a filth of dust starts forming a coating on relationship it just needs a to be cleaned to revive it's golden colour.

Submitted: January 02, 2017

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Submitted: January 02, 2017



Old wine with new bottle still has its perpetual adoration to preach all those stolen epoch of friendship. Oh! yes among those blossom buddies,few had Exclusive essence or you can say a perfect perfume as a boon companion. All mingled recaptured memories striked my mind at a sudden when I got a bottle of red wine which was gifted on the Christmas Eve. Holding the bottle by unsealing across the front, back, and top of the foil.Finally I screwed the cork and then poured to a new kissable shifter.But I didn't knew when it started flowing over the rims of glass and slightly dropped as in dribble dribble dopp dopp motion. All with a subconscious mind I tried to remember the person to whom I was desperately searching.Till now even her name seems as a romantic quivering ineffable taste when it touches and passes through my tongue as only a sweet memory but not as person in real. I never thought her as a bit of fluff for me but as complete syllabus of life.I didn't knew when my infatuation stood as head over heels and made me as a master in field of love. I was always against of the saying ‘love is blind’ but now I find, that I was wrong. It's a mesmerisation inactivity which spreads throughout the body. Those days of college are just like evidence and the time period which captured those days witnessed the mutual affection between us. Pretty Ethereality coiffed hairs and a pair of lushy baby blue eye tempted me to gaze for a long span but this actually didn't happened at the first sight but took three or four attempts to turn successful by my silly brain to understand the beauty coating on her heart and face. Even the faded rose on her closed diary till date would scent as fresh with her past life chapter as me and all other friends with us.I was in limerence to her soul like all branches love tree and let all leaves to climb on it just to enhance the beauty within. Combination created chemistry and we were tightly held by molecular bonding of atmospheric love where every atom had our name and elements contained our coupled soul. This actually sounds great but such wonderful words;If I would have used with real chemistry subject of high school then surely I would have been a topper!! But for the time being it's better to get a happy life rather than top scores in a subject. Happiness is transient and temporary. Time most probably kills a lot then after a long period it heals wounds but gifts persistent mark Which always makes you know that you had past of bitter taste.

Extract from my new Novel By :-Ankit Mohanty.

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Flashback of obsession

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