A Favor

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Submitted: January 02, 2017

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Submitted: January 02, 2017



It was broad daylight when I saw him, he looked like an ordinary man but I knew the truth. I was sitting on the park bench, the day was clear until I saw him, the skies began to overcast as a storm blew in out of seemingly nowhere. I haven’t seen the man before, well not as he is now. But I knew who he really is, even if he wore a new face. He walked towards me and my vision became of what it was the day I met him, it was as if I was watching a movie of myself, I was younger, much younger.

I was in the same park as I am now, it was the year 2015. There was a fire in the building across the street, the screaming, that screaming I could never forget. There was people trapped inside as the raging inferno blew out the windows and was spreading throughout the building, someone had placed a bomb the building was how it started, the emergency crews were on their way but I knew it would be too late, a man approached me and said

“You can save them”

The younger me looked up at them and asked him


“I can give you a power, you will be able to save them and many more in time, all you have to do is sign here”

As he said those last words a paper appeared in his hands in a buff of flames and smoke, the younger me signed without thinking and the paper vanished as quickly as it appeared.

“Now go, save them”

And I did. The man had given me the abilty to never die, never feel pain, he made me invincible to everything and anything. In return. I had given him my soul. And I could never age from that point forwards. That man has many names, some may call him the devil, an evil being that causes terror, others call him Lucifer, the angel who fell to earth from heaven, who will grant someones wish for their soul.


He approached me, and sat beside me

“what year is it now Zack?”

“its 2025”

“and how old are you?”

“I am 28, but I till look 18, as the last we spoke”

“how many lives do you think you saved”

“I try not to keep count, it has been a decade”

He pulled out the same paper as before, my name still on it and handed it to me

“if you take this, you will go back to normal, you can live out your life”

“why are you giving me this”

“Because Zack, I need a favor” he said, and looked at me for the first time.

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