The Magician's Flag

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm


Cover By: Teresa Morgan

Light shall overcome all, but only after it stands side by side with the dark...

Nearly a thousand years have passed since the war. Nearly a thousand years since the birth of a new sport. Magician's Flag. A competition of ability, intellect, athleticism, and magic. This is a future of magic, where magician's took an old war game and once again gave it life.

Elaina, a young woman from a branch family of a well off clan, longs for nothing more than to compete. This is the story of a woman with little expectation from others, who rises and comes face to face with the most powerful competitors the world has ever seen. This is the story of her rise to greatness...

- I owe thanks to TERESA MORGAN for this amazing cover! You can find their page here: / I am grateful for the interest they have taken in this story!


Table of Contents

Story of the Future

Twenty years ago… The rain drenched the field, blurring vision. Rikovo crouched behind a gather of boulders as he peered over, sear... Read Chapter

Light in the Night

Read Chapter

Turmoil for Uleen

He was a man in a boy’s body. That is at least what many believed. Dahni carried a young appearance and seemed to be in his mid-teens, ... Read Chapter


Two golden haired women sped through the vast halls at extraordinary speed. Both kept their long hair fastened close ... Read Chapter

The Old Tale

History… is constantly being rewritten. All know the Old Tale. The story that was rewritten and made into a piece o... Read Chapter

A Near Impossible Solution

Writers Note - Clan Sun (roughly pronounced Soon) Read Chapter


    “Again Elaina? What exactly do you hope to achieve by joining those war games?” her father asked in the morning... Read Chapter

Training on the Eve

“Angelica, Elaina! They are trying to trap us!” Ryelus shouted. Elaina sped through the field of dead growth at a speed that only... Read Chapter

Her First Battle

Yorda Varress stood in the middle of a forest that was soon to become a battlefield between fourteen magicians. He pressed his palms toge... Read Chapter

Their First Battle

Is this blood… my blood… so we do have it… Elaina’s head went dark and became filled with a scream. Took her a while to reali... Read Chapter

Monster of the Uleen

Airen: Monsters? Is that how society refers to us? Rine: How would you choose to describe our being? Seir: We are power. ... Read Chapter

Dreams, Memories, and the Scarred

Yorda again stood among the forest field that had hosted battle between the defeated Hedardi and the victorious Uleen. It had been a long... Read Chapter

A New Enemy

Author's Note: The Ancient Americans is a reference to the Native Americans. But it is important to remember that these are still magicians. Appearances have changed dramatically since the emergence of magic. Most notably, their hair and eyes. Read Chapter

We Are Uleen

Dahni sat peacefully along the edge of a cliff, sipping on hot tea he had brought along for the trip. He poured another cup and steam ros... Read Chapter

Night of the Carnival

“Ha-have you never been to a carnival before, Lady Almyr?” another woman asked. She had light skin, a rounded face, large eyes with b... Read Chapter

Her First Final

“My name is Yorda” the grey haired Varress spoke. “I know” the other man replied. There was a hint of annoyance in his t... Read Chapter

Vile and Borrowed Magic

Eight years ago… A young Selphia accompanied her father to a small antique bookstore in Ireland, while he was on one of his usual b... Read Chapter

Colored Sky

Half the sky had turned a bloody red. The very sight of it seemed to quake with evil. But what was happening to the rest? It appeared to ... Read Chapter

The Warning

Where would she end up now? What was next? Elaina’s mind no longer knew what to think or how to feel. She had no explanation and knew n... Read Chapter

They Fought the Uleen

Half the sky continued to bleed red as the magicians fought, while the rest seemed completely dead. Selphia was unsure which frightened h... Read Chapter


Most step onto the field with the Eternal Emperor, Perennial Empress, or Ace of Overseers and believe all is lost before the battle even ... Read Chapter


The colossal aircraft hovered in the sky like hovering fortresses, filled with protectors and waiting for the conclusion of the battle…... Read Chapter

Magic of the Fourth, Magic of the Sapphir

All eyes were locked onto the mysterious yellow eyed Uleen woman. Not a single person watching the battle could break from their stare. I... Read Chapter

Name from the Past

Prologue is recommended reading for this chapter.
Read Chapter

The Strong Shall Battle

Yorda proceeded toward a large hall in the center of the great Lunar city. He wore the same usual grey uniform as usual, which indicated ... Read Chapter

The Emperor's Gaze

Eight years ago… An eight year old Trudi stood at the edge of one of the immense fields owned by the Uleen. Her face was etched wit... Read Chapter

Glossary On The World

POSSIBLE SPOILERS - Just in case people need something for reference.
Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

Dylan Henlisia and Marche Taylor

Good chapter. The little battle/training scene was done well. Generally this is alot of writers including me fail. Describing it well enough to paint a full picture, you did this well. I also like the way you introduced miles, (dont want to spoil it) so ill just say you trick the reader into initally thinking somthing... and then have it not that if that makes anysense. Also quite the ending, an ending that made me want to flip a table when i see that there wasnt more (this is good) well done :)


Sat, March 25th, 2017 5:48pm


Thanks! Your comments are awesome! I hope my story continues to grab your interest. That was just a small taste of what this story is going to hold. It is largely about the tournaments and battles between magicians, so I try my best to create the scenes well.


Sat, March 25th, 2017 12:12pm

Z. Ute

I love it! Great descriptions. The tournament and elemental magic reminds me a little of Avatar - The Last Airbender tv/cartoon series...not sure if you ever watched it? If not, just out of interest - what were your inspirations for this?


Mon, April 10th, 2017 9:09pm


Yes, I love that show! It was not a direct inspiration for this story, but I can say a bit of what I write is influenced by that show. But you will find that not all the magicians in this story rely on elemental magic. It is simply an art that some favor while others do not. I have been working with magic for a long time. The majority of my stories, few exceptions, focus on magic. This may have been inspired by avatar back in the day. But this current story was largely inspired by Saki and Chihayafuru. I do not believe they are well known shows, so I do not blame you if you are unfamiliar with them. They are both slice of life, but I was taken in by the competition and hurdles the characters had to face. I then combined it with my style of writing. They also encouraged me to stop making the protagonist the story's ace, and instead have them run to face the absolute strongest.

Okay, okay, do you think my response was long enough? I tend to do this!


Mon, April 10th, 2017 5:02pm

Donald Harry Roberts

Nice opening

Thu, April 13th, 2017 7:18pm


Thanks! There is actually a chapter before this one. Sets the world up.

Thu, April 13th, 2017 4:39pm


Yes, a well-crafted chapter. Fantasy must be handled properly or it can turn into farce this was good. Regards Mabaker

Fri, April 14th, 2017 3:06am


Thank you! I appreciate your comment.

Thu, April 13th, 2017 9:04pm

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