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So welcome to my story. thank you for reading. plz tell me if i need to work on anything to improve on the story. I know that this is a complete story, but it's not fully edited. Oh well. continue to the story!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: January 03, 2017

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Submitted: January 03, 2017



Day 1: ...Just your average kid in an island. The island who loves the ocean... Y'know, nice weather, friendly neigbors... most of them... and a lively future to all... for most people. If someone is reading this, that means i finally did it! i published my first book. This is my journal; Jarvis A. Abimael's journal. I always wanted to be a journalist. So, about me... I'm an orphan. It might sound sad, but I'm kinda used to it. I don't really mind not having parents. Here at St. Nacy's Home for Orphans, you see friends come and go. I on the other hand, see compassion and betrayal... don't ask about the betrayal part. I see courage in adopting mostly because not many people adopt someone who isn't theirs... you get me? And whenever someone does adopt, it's usually the toddlers and young kids. People don't adopt me since I'm in my pre-teen years. I'm 12... Today, I met Him... Who is Him? Well, I'll tell you. once a week, a man, brown wavy hair, skin color of sun-kissed brown, ocean blue eyes, and with battle scars on his right eye and left hand, this man comes to our orphan home. We know him as 'The Orphan Helper'. He goes to the counter, where there is a book containing all of the orphan's names. The man examines the names and chooses one. the choice is usually random. After that, the man leaves... The next day, the man comes back with a basket. usually it's filled with toys, trinkets, and stuff that kids usually like. The basket is for the orphan whom he chose. The next that after that, someone comes to adopt the kid whom The Orphan Helper chose... It's usually a couple or a rich guy. Crazy thing is, The Orphan Helper never speaks at all. Today, The Orphan Helper came to choose someone. I don't know who it is, but tommorow, we'll find out.

Day 2: Guess what?! I was the one who The Orphan Helper chose! I got the basket! But, here's the strange part. It's not filled to the brim with toys or stuff like that... I got: a compass, a new pair of shoes (which I don't mind), a map of our part of the ocean, a ticket to a ship called: The S.S. Cresent, and a canary! Oh, but not just any canary. This is the rare blue winged- yellow canary! These guys are thought to be extinct! Good thing i paid attention to pre-world geography. I don't know what do I do with the other things... The compass is a bit fun to play around... I'll just keep the rest in my basket. And I named the canary: Purdy! I don't know if it's a male or female, and i don't really know the difference, so I gave it a unisex name. Purdy likes me. It seems well trained too.

Day 3: Umm... I really did not expect this... So, the one to adopt me is none other than The Orphan Helper himself! Of course, I wasn't the only one that got adopted. I managed to convince The Orphan Helper to adopt my friends, Michael L. Elmwood and Lyndsey Abimael... Note: Lyndsey and I are not related. He also adopted a girl named, Sam... I don't know much about Sam other than she just came a few days ago... and that she's smart... that's it. Michael is my bestest friend! He's like a brother to me... well now he is. Michael is a black skinned guy...What? I'm not racist! You shouldn't be either! Black eyes, and equally black curly hair... but he's not like pitch black, more like he's not burned! Lyndsey is my crush... She acts like my sister... a cute and caring sister... umm, sorry... So we packed our stuff and said our good-byes. And we went to our new home... for a man with a silent type additude, our new dad has a really neat house.

Day 7: Ugh, since he got us, our new Father just.... sits there.... in the beach near our home. Sure he comes to eat and stuff... but after that, he just goes back to the sands... waiting for something... I don't even know his name!

Day 10: Same o' same o'... why not use this time to tell you how we all look... visuals and stuff! So, I already told you about Michael... He usually wears a dark colored sweatshirt... today he chose midnight blue, and neon green or dark green with 1 or 2 white striped sweatpants... Temperature never bothered him at all. So he gets to wear anything even if it didn't match the season... lucky. Lyndsey on the other hand is all about being on the season trends. So, Lyndsey is a lighter brown than me... I'm an orange-based brown or something like that. Long wavy black hair, midnight black iris, and since this is late fall, You guys understand the clothes she wears... mostly autum colors. She also has a necklace with a red stone of some sort ...And finally Sam... I mean Sam is pretty cute for a straight haired-brunette... pale skin, brown eyes... but, she looks like a school girl. A japanese stereotypical school girl. with grey pants instead of a skirt. and me? I already told you my skin color. My hair and my eyes are brown, but a very, very dark shade of brown. It looks like black to some. I have a black jacket with a white shirt, blue jeans and black shoes... sometimes, i wear a red bandana on my head and pretend that I'm a superhero!

Day 11: So, alot happened... let's start from the begining... So dad ran back home. He finally spoke to us. He said: "Guys, You are all special, but someone is hunting us! Pack your stuff and leave, leave this house quickly! NOW LET'S GO!!!" Of course, we're all scared, but we did as we were told. I was the last one to leave since I also grabbed my basket... Big mistake in my part. The house exploded. The explosion pushed me but, I'm ok... If I wasn't, I wouldn't be writing now would I? So turns out that Dad's name is Jen... Jen isn't used to us calling him Dad, so he told us to call him Jen. We followed Jen to the docks. While we walked there, Jen started mumbling some stuff. He asked me if I have my basket. I nodded. Then, Jen told me to take out the tickets in his bag... Tickets... Plural... To my surprise, I had 7 tickets to the S.S. Cresent... We are 5 in total... I gave each of us a ticket and Jen the extras. "You guys are really brave." Jen told us, "From here on out, I need you to be even braver. We're going on an adventure." So, I was happy to hear that. Until Sam mentioned, "But what about the other orphans? Don't you usually help them?" "Sam has a point. WHat about them?" Lindsey added. Jen replied, "Don't worry about them, I already called my friends to help them find a home." That puts me a bit at ease.

Day 13: Oh my gawd! The boat looks amazing! The S.S. Cresent Sun is beautiful! The captian is named: Johnson Lyra. So, Jen seems to be good friends with the captain. "Kids, This is Captain Johnson. He's our ride." "Please, Call me John. And what's your name?" John seems like a nice guy. Michael introed us to the captain... I noticed a girl behind John. Jen seems to noticed her too. "Is that Linda? She really has grown since the last time I saw her." Jen mentioned. John Introduced us to his daughter, Linda. Linda is around my age I think. She has long golden-blonde hair all tied up to a ponytail, light skin tone like John, and black eyes. She has a pink 'I love Pandas' logo t-shirt, a blue and orange cap with the same logo, blue jeans, and pink sneakers. John is a really tall man. Beige wavy hair, neatly trimmed beard and mustache, brown eyes, wears a sailor hat, grey shirt, black pants, brown leather boots, and a long black pirate's coat... looks like he stole it or something. I heard a loud noise comming from the port, "S'cuse me! Comming through, GET OUTA THE WAY!!!" The guy literally rammed Lindsey into the ocean... Luckily for her, she knows how to swim. When she got up, Linsdey yelled at the guy for ramming her into the water. "I'm deeply sorry for ramming you in the ocean. It was an accident." (Uh huh. Sure.) The guy said. "Is this the S.S. Cresent? I have a ticket here." The guy showed John the ticket. "Ah, So you're the one famous mask seller." John noticed. Famous mask seller? "That's right captain! Tis I! Alex! The famous Mask seller in the WORLD!!!"

End of Chapter 1...

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