The Sea Bird's Crew (official)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - chapter 2

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



Day 14… “I’m sorry, who are you?” I asked him… Alex started crying. He must be real famous if he cries like that… umm, but all jokes aside, Alex... is an annoying jokester. Not the kind of annoying that talks too much. Alex is the punny, witty, greedy seller… I figured. Alex is a red-haired, tanned guy with FAT cheeks. The guy wears fancy clothes and a huge backpack with some masks peeping out of the pockets. He now wears a white tux with white jeans. Although Alex is like this, I got to hand it to him; he makes exceptional looking masks. A lot of detail in every single one I see! Alex also makes life-size dummies… It’s both awesome and creepy. We all went into the boat. It’s pretty cool seeing everyone prepare to set sail… I wanna be a captain someday… nah, probably not. I dunno. When we finally set sail, Jen started talking with John. I started chatting with my sibling-friends… to be honest; I don’t like calling them siblings. I’ve always known them as friends. Anyways, After Jen’s conversation, Jen took us to the inside of the ship… I don’t remember what it’s called. So, he took us to there, and Jen gave us wooden rods… then very heavy armor… then trained us to fight. Man, I was tired by the end of it. Turns out, I’m better with the sword, Michael was a better Kick-boxer… Lindsey could hold off on her own I guess. She is strong, don’t get me wrong. But, she’s hopeless with anything heavy. Sam however, didn’t participate. Jen made her practice medicine with Linda. Then, Lindsey went to practice too. Of course, we questioned Jen about the whole training thing. Turns out, we’re going somewhere dangerous. Jen is training us so we won’t get injured. At least he cares… I think.

Day 22… Of course, training isn’t the only thing we do. Sometimes, we help clean the deck, wash the dishes, and learn table-manners, that kind of stuff. I haven’t written anything since day 14 because I didn’t find the time to do so. Alex keeps pulling pranks at us. Just recently, Michael got a bucket of water on his head when he opened the door… don’t tell Michael or Alex but, I kinda think it was funny. So today, Jen called us over to the master room. Jen and John called us over for a discussion. Turns out, we’re near our destination. “Alright kids. This is your first mission: retrieve the prisoners.” Jen told us.

Lindsey: “What?! Why us!?”

John: “You kids are small enough to pass through the defenses unscathed.”

Michael: “Why can’t you guys go?!”

John: “Didn’t I already tell you?”

Me: “OK, but we need Linda. She can help, right?”

John: “SHE’S MY ONLY DAUGHTER!! I can’t risk her life like that! Also, she isn’t suited for combat.”

Linda: “It’s true. I can’t fight.”

Lindsey: “Jen, Dad, are you ok with this?! This is insane!”

Jen: “I’m sorry. But these people are important. Retrieving them would be easy for you when you’re small enough to be under radar. I promise you after this, that I will make it up to you.”

Me: “*Sigh* Alright. You promise that this would be easy?”

Jen: “Promise with all my heart.”

Me: “Ok then. Dock us to the island.”

Remember when we trained with wooden rods. This time, Jen gave us real copper swords and light armor. As we got deeper inside the island, we’ve passed through an asylum… I think. There are chains everywhere. Bones scattered everywhere. Bats flying everywhere… I don’t mind the bats. I don’t think everyone agrees with me on this one. We’ve found a hole, big enough for all 4 of us to fit in… in case you forgot; it’s me, Lindsey, Sam, and Michael. It was getting dark. So, we made a small camp just to pass the night away. It’s getting late. I got to stop writing so late. Anyways, I got to go. Bye!


End of chapter 2…

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