The Woman in Black

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I knew nothing about her, only never to touch her.

Submitted: January 03, 2017

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Submitted: January 03, 2017



I knew nothing about the woman in black,

Only never to touch her,

For a soul she did lack.


I never thought I'd be in her grace,

She invited me inside,

A sultry smirk on a flawless face.


Naively, I bowed to her wish,

I was her fool, eternally,

All it took was a kiss.


She treated me a jester,

Forced me to caper and dance,

Tell jokes with a mirthless laugh,

Under her trance.


She smiled, she smiled,

Oh, how she smiled,

When she stole my life,

Laughter on her blood-colored lips,

As she pulled out her knife.


"You've done this to yourself",

She whispered in my ear as she confessed,

"You put the needle in your arm",

"You failed the test".


I could only wonder if she were lying,

As I choked, dying,

Until a revelation cleared my vision and I could see it all,

The needle, my fall.


My only last words,

Never touch the woman in black,


You may never make it back.



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