Kollen and Emma

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story is about a action packed relationship between two classmates. The boy’s name is
Kollen and his friendly classmate is Emma, a cute red-haired girl. They both go to school together and have a lot in common.

P.S. ch 1 is finished ch 2 is not finished

Submitted: January 03, 2017

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Submitted: January 03, 2017




Paragraph 1:
*Ring, ring, ring, ring, crash,yawn,* after I slammed my alarm clock silent I imagined how my first day of highschool will pan out.  Lonely, depressing, and sad were the only thoughts coming to mind being that I left all of my original friends behind when my dad got relocated for his job. My sad thoughts withdrew from my mind and then my mom shouted, “Kollen you better be getting ready for school! You don't want to be late for your first day of highschool!”  “Yeah mom, getting ready right now!” I replied instinctively. I slipped into my new, stiff uniform and put on my tie. We only had to bring in a couple of notebooks, some folders, a binder, and a pencil case so my book bag was offley light compared to normal. I’m not usually excited for the first day of school but I hoped that high school could be different. I walked out of my door to notice the colorful rising sun.  My stroll to the bus stop was quite short considering it was just around the corner.  When I was there I heard a sweet voice from behind me, it sounded girl my age. She pleasantly asked, “Do you go to Stanford Academy? The bus stop is right here.” I turned around to a cute looking girl, just looking at her smile and open posture made me blush. I replied, “Yeah, I’m guessing we’re on the same bus then.” She laughed saying, “Yeah,” and looked straight up at me while blushing.  We waited for the bus and talked a little.  Turns out we both had parents that were moving because of work and we were both first years.
Paragraph 2
We were the only ones to board the bus from that bus stop.  We sat near the front together continuing our conversation.  She already put her bookbag on the floor and I couldn’t place mine there too unless I wanted to not give us sufficient leg room.  Making matters worse she did not fully move into the seat, leaving a large space between her and the window. I could not put my bookbag in the middle of us or I’ll be off the seat so I put it at the end of the seat... my first mistake of middle school. My bookbag forced us to squeeze closer making us have leg and side contact.  We continue our conversation normally but we’re both blushing and sometimes even stumbling on words due to the awkwardness.  I also find out we are both into soccer and we’re also in all of the same classes. We got off the bus and we took out our phones to exchange phone numbers.  While she was typing in her me into her contacts I saw my name, “Kallen ;)” my heart pounded and a million things crossed my mind.  I let her go ahead while I stood thinking of every possible thing that could mean. Soon I followed her to class.  We sat two seats away from each other and the teacher gave all of us a lecture and our books for the year.  Next period was P.E..  Emma and I managed to locate the gym with a handheld map. The gymnasium was huge and we only had a class of about forty- most likely due to the option of you not having to take a P.E. class in the district currently live.  The coach, who told us to call he Mr. R, looked pretty laid back and by a class vote be played soccer.  Everyone said that they had the basic skills down so the instructor divided us into four different teams.  Emma was not on the same team as me and we also weren’t facing off. My team let me play offence which was my best position.  I’ve been playing soccer for pretty much my whole life so I outmatched everyone on the other team. The final score was a stomp of 6-0. Not to brag but I scored 5 of the goals and assisted one. Emma’s game also came out with a stomping victory of 7-1.  She scored all 7 but I think both of those teams were seriously lacking in skill not counting her.

Paragraph 3
With a pencil and paper in Mr. R’s hand he made his own teams and positions putting all of the best people on one team.  Emma and I were both strikers on the first team. The coach also made a second with the second best players on it but he was on it.  After he instructed the two other beginner teams to start their match we started our game.  Because we started with the ball I was able to make a pass-and-go play with Emma getting around the coach. Running down the field more would have made me surrounded so I cut back to our goal and got a clear pass to Emma.  She was able to get to the goalie box but the defenders collapsed on her.  Our mid fielder realized this and called for a pass back.  After he got the ball he instantly tried to pass to me but the coach read the play perfectly and intercepted it.  Once he got the ball he burned through our midfield, damn he was fast! After that he did a fake pass to one of their offenders getting past our last defender. A fast well placed ball into the top corner made the score 1-0.  This guy looked like a retired soccer pro but I still had hope we could win with teamwork. We had a plan to make a back pass on first touch and then let our midfielder long pass to Emma or me. The long pass was a little early and Emma was still running down the field but to my surprise and the coach’s she back heeled it over her head and continued heading down the field. The coaches long strides were going to catch up to her to she made a perfectly timed pass to me.  The pass was in the air but I was expecting that because I was not facing the goal hinting to her that was going to do a bicycle kick. I timed my kick well and made a solid connection.  The ball went straight down and then bounced up going over the goalie, it was a pretty lucky shot. The score now 1-1 five minutes in.  The coach called a water break because it was close to half of the forty minute period we had in gym.  While I was going to my water bottle Emma jogged over to me and hit me in the arm saying, “Nice bicycle kick but my back heel was better!” I laughed and we went to drink our water together.

Paragraph 4
We were getting ready to resume the game when we all heard screams coming from the front door that was followed by gun shots.  Everyone looked around at each other panicking, I look at my gym teacher but even his face twists with stress of not knowing exactly what to do.  “OK! Everyone, follow exactly what I say. Five people get some mats to be used as hiding places and as shelter.  After that make sure it looks normal and everyone can safely fit in it. And please, everyone, STAY CALM!” said the gym teacher in a worried tone. Everyone seemed to be in the little makeshift hut of mats when I heard the the gym door open. I’m not sure who was holding my hand but it was definitely a girl’s. A unknown voice most likely the intruder asked Mr. R impatiently, “Where is your class? We’re holding everyone down hostage so tell me!” Mr. R replied nervously after the cock of the intruder’s gun, “This is my free period I don’t have any kids right now.”  The intruder then muttered words into a radio saying something about how to hold down the place for any escaping students. The squeezing of my hand was so tight it went numb. I also noticed the person was leaning their head on my shoulder, crying.  Their hair was so soft just like their hand, that was the only thing I wanted to think about.
Paragraph 5
The was to just about ring and someone opened up our little hut, it was Mr. R trying to escort us out of the building.  We opened the side door which led us to the parking lot.  There was a guy with a gun next to the door that couldn’t hear us because of the loudness of the bell. Mr. R went out and choked him until he passed out.  Mr. R also took the gun and told us to find something else on him that could be useful as he tried to scout out the area.  I got a knife from his pocket and hid it in the back of my sweatpants. Our coach decided for us to take a route that had a good amount of cover.  We were able to sneak our way out of the campus by hiding behind trees, cars, and bushes.  Some people called for help and others nervously looked around.  Five minutes, later which only seemed like a second in the panic, the police arrived with paramedics probably from previous 911 calls.  The coach handed over the gun he had to the police and the kids that took anything from the passed out terrorist did too, including me.  A police car drove Emma and me home from the school.  The car ride was a bunch of questions the policeman ask about what happened, half of them we didn’t know. Emma was dropped off first, I couldn't even bring myself to say, “bye!” because I was still stunned from the events happening today
Paragraph 6
Later, after my mom rushed home from seeing the news, after I told her everything that happened, and after I took a icecold to try to wake up from whatever stunned spell I was under, I laid in my bed, just looking at the ceiling, staring.  I rolled over to my side to look out the window... The still bright evening somehow seemed so, so, dark.  I heard a buzz of my phone and Emma had texted me, “Coming over to your house so don’t be surprised.”  My brain was still not able to compute anything so I just laid there eventually falling asleep. I woke from a doorbell ringing and heard a conversation, “Hi, I’m Emma, is Kollen currently home? I’m a school friend of his and I just want to talk about what happened today. Sure, come-in. He’s upstairs probably sleeping, so just wake him up.” She knocked on the door but I didn’t answer so she just came in and shut the door behind her.  She sat on my bed and said that she needed to tell me something.  The next morning I was wake up somewhere else.

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