Employer Series #4: Twisted Doctor's Heart of Gold.

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This chapter introduces readers to another key character of the Employer Series: Doctor Wilton V.Tenisett.

Submitted: January 03, 2017

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Submitted: January 03, 2017



"Shoppers welcome! Today we have roasts buy two get one free!" declares the bubbly young cashier. "If you're looking to beat the heat you're in luck! We got a hundred pack of jumbo freezie brain deaths only 1.49! The ingredients aren't natural, but hey! Neither is this deal!"

"Now how can I pass up a deal like that?" asks an old man with a smile as he approaches the young lady at the register.

"Doctor Tenisett! I didn't see you in line! Hold on, I'll get the freezie deaths!" exclaims the cashier as she runs off.

"You're too kind, dear." says the man as he pays for his items, "How is that doctorate coming along?"

"It's going well to say the least! Give me three more years and you'll be calling me Dr. Tessa!" she says with a smile, "I still can't believe my tuiton has been paid up for the next two years! This is all like so unreal! Thank you so so much for telling me about the Guardian Fund! You're a god send!

"Well I may have been sent dear, but I assure you I'm no advocate of God," replies Tenisett as he exits the store with a wave.

"See you tomorrow? asks Tessa, neglecting her next customer.

" Absolutely, " replies Tenisett with a smile. He makes his way to his trunk and opens it, revealing a bound, dirty, and quite frantic man. "She really is a dear, that Tessa," he says to the man as he removes the gag, "the best thing you could've done for her is kept your filth far away."

" She's my daughter you fucking psycho! If I wanna roll her for every cent-" exclaims the man before being forcibly gagged again.

"You don't strike me as a man who believes in fate, vagrant, but I do. I believe you came here tonight to help your daughter on her road to being a true life saver. In order to do this, however, you must first give your life." says Tenisett as he sniffs the air. " Yeah, that's the stench of destiny..." he proclaims as he shuts the trunk. He opens the passenger's side door and is hit with a wall of smoke. He waves it off and enters the car. "Do you ever breath oxygen?" asks the rather annoyed Tenisett.

"God no!" coughs the elevated Zig, "That stuffs dirty as hell!" He takes another puff before stating, "this here is hydroponic! Cleaner than that body farm you call an office!" He cracks a smile, smoke bellowing from his lips. "Who is the poor soul in the trunk?"

"Why it's your broken techie's new blood and skin and shit." replies Tenisett with a smirk.

"Of course he is" replies Zig with a forced smile. He turns his gaze back towards the road before his face sours into a gauk of disgust. They make it back to Tenisett's home, a cozy little two story sitting on top an abandoned bunker which now serves as Tenisett's office of operations. "You're not gonna need any help with that guy are ya?" asks Zig, forcing another smile, "This seems like the kinda of thing Sanza would get all giddy over."

"Na, this is whatcha paying me for. I'll handle the messy part", says Tenisett as they park in garage, which lowers into the office. "We got plenty of skin to graph a face and blood type is a match so I can't see this being that big of a job." They open the doors to be met  by an overly anxious Sanza in a hazmat suit.

"Ya needing help with the stiff?!" asks Sanza barely remaining in his skin.

"Well you can get him out of the car if you want", says Tenisett while scratching his head, " he should've suffocated by now". He looks around to find Sanza nowhere to be seen.

"He ran away after "well", doc", stated Zig as he sparks yet another cigar. They make their way down a large hallway and come to a division. The left, a set of sliding doors which require a keycard. To the right, a walk way leading to a relaxation room.

"Here!" exclaims Tenisett as he tosses the box of jumbo freezie deaths at the unsuspecting yet highly appreciative Zig, "Make these disappear!"

"Aye Aye Captain!" answers Zig.

"Go ahead and have a squat", commands Tennisett as he swipes his keycard and heads through alone, " feel free to desecrate my walls with your hippie sticks."

"Way ahead of ya, boss!" says Zig , waving from down the walkway. Tenisett enters his surgical gear and makes his way to an operating room, occupied by one faceless Davison, comatose and attached to life support. His skull rebuilt with a titanium alloy, his eyes and various body parts augmented to meet the orders given. Tenisett enters and stops in front of the entrance.

"Does your employer know you're here?" asks Tenisett with a serious face.

"The employers know what is needed to stay satisfied, isn't that the arrangement?" says a voice from the air vent. A masked man slowly slides down from the loosened vent in the ceiling. "How's the boy?"

"Well that goliath model Emp carries around messed up his face something fierce," explains Tenisett, "but another twelve hours and -"

"Hey Doc! Got the stiff! You need me to do some cuttin?!" proclaims a giddy voice from the PA system. Tenisett turns to face the monitor, which shows an overly enthusiastic Sanza. He turns back to find the masked man nowhere to be found and the vent reattached. He gives a slight grin before stating, "Alright, doors open."



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