Blizzard The Tiger

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Blizzard is a character in a series of short stories called the Animal Collective. Shadow is like the sidekick/supportive(not Slade Wilson's love interest from Arrow). Paco is like the third person(again not liam neeson). Ok so I've made it clear its a kiddie not a goo-goo gaah-gaah. SO 6+ enjoy.

Submitted: January 03, 2017

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Submitted: January 03, 2017



Blizzard's Doze

Our 'lil' tiger was under his favourite tree sleeping on the soft grass while enjoying the breeze. On the other side his friends shadow and stripes are working so hard for the race. The winner of the race will get the title fastest tiger in china. So blizzard is just sitting there watching his friends train so hard for the race. Then his friend shadow came over and said.

Shadow said"hey why don't you start training now and you might have a chance to be in the top 100"

Blizzard said "ya like I need to train I'm the fastest tiger in china, No! World "

Then shadow said "you're not the fastest tiger, you're the fastest tiger in the world just train you're going to be last in the race"

Blizzard said "just go away leave me alone"

Shadow left. Than later that evening blizzard had never even thought once about what shadow had said, he is just sitting there while eating apples. And he really is kind of fat he weighs over 1000 pounds he can barely stand up.

And get an apple all he does is just sit or sleep and eat. The big race of china was only a few weeks away and Blizzard is still a big fat tiger. Shadow keeps on telling him he should exercise but he never listens. Right now all the tiger in china is training for the race and Blizzard is just watching sometime he throws an apple at a tiger just for fun. Now his cave  he sleeps in is like a pig farm there are half eaten food on the floor and stains on the walls even cleaning his cave would be a huge exercise for him. Today Shadow had an idea since blizzard likes apples a lot he decided he is going to make a line of apples around the forest and make blizzard find all of them so the next day the trick worked but sadly he is to slow he only found 8 there were 800 and he still think that he is fast.

Stripes said "Come on Shadow just leave him alone he is never going to exercise" Shadow said "If he keeps this up he is going to ruin his life and he will never even walk a step"

So stripes and shadow kept on talking about Blizzard. Shadow tried everything he could think of but not one of them worked and instead of blizzard losing weight he gained weight. Now Blizzard is like 2000 pound and he never even noticed the reason he think he is the fastest is because last year he won the race and only 4 tiger entered including him 2 were sick and one had a fever so he was the only one in the race. But this year over 8000 tigers have entered and none of them weighs over 200 pounds they all have exercised except for Blizzard and now I think most tigers would notice if they weigh over 2000 pounds but no one know what is wrong with blizzard.

Shadow had enough he challenge blizzard to a race to prove that blizzard is slower so the race begun and in the end blizzard lost the race and he didn't even finish the race he fainted half way and it was only a 30 m race and blizzard lost

So from now on he knew he need to train but in order for him to train he need someone to motivate him and he knew who so he packed his stuff and went to find the legendary panda PACO the reason Blizzard choose him because Paco is because he motivates the best of the best. Paco lives in the mountains far away and Blizzard need to find him fast because the race is in 5 weeks so blizzard packed for the mountains so he was on his way the first problem was in the mountains there were giant crators so he had to jump over them which was good exercise then he rest a little and ate his lunch an apple he made sure he eats only 3 apples a day from now on and so he continue to find paco the panda. But there was a second problem there are poison gas in the mountains so he went around it the rest of the journey was quiet good so he walked and walked and walked until he finally found paco's dojo it was the biggest dojo he had ever seen. So blizzard walked in side and found any training items paco had used so he talked to paco.

Paco said "why are you here" 

Blizzard said "I am here because I want you to train me please be my master:

Paco "ok but when you were coming up the mountain that was your first trainingnow for your second but be sure when started there is no turning back got it"

Blizzard "yes master I will do what it takes to be the fastest"

So there training began paco made blizzard run 800 laps no brakes every morning then Paco made blizzard carry a giant bucket of water up and down the mountain.

Later in the afternoon blizzard could finally have a break for 5 min then paco made him run up and down the mountain 20 times the next day paco talk to Blizzard.

Paco "so blizzard why do you need training:

Blizzard "you see there is a big race in china and I have not been training and Im pretty fat and slow so that's why I came up and asked you"

Paco "I understand have you ever heard of egar beaver"

Blizzard "no what is it"

Paco "it means if you want to do something work hard on it never give up it's like a beaver they like to build damps and they work really hard on it"

Blizzard "oh I get it so if I want to win the race I need to work hard for it every day"

Now that blizzard under stands what to do they kept on training every day blizzard worked hard he has go a lot faster than he was before but today paco had an idea to train paco just build a racing track he wants blizzard to run it less than 20 seconds if blizzard makes it before the race he should get in the top 10 or win. blizzard tried every day to beat the track and the race was only 1 week away and he is thinking how shadow a stripes are doing but blizzard never gave up he continue to run the track. The race is in 1 day and today is the last day for blizzard to beat the track he never gave up and he study the track and to day he finally made it.

Paco said "you did it now you should be in the top 10"

Blizzard "thank you master for everything from now on I will work hard on running every day for the rest of my life"

Paco "I good remember egar beaver two words you need to remember"

Blizzard "I will thank you master bye"

So blizzard took off and left the mountains as soon as he got back he saw his friends shadow and stripes.

Shadow "said hey blizzard your back wow you lost like 2000 pounds in 4 weeks amazing"

Blizzard "thanks it's good to see you both let's have a race to see if I got faster"

Shadow "sure just don't faint half way again"

Blizzard "don't worry I won't do it again

So the race began and for sure blizzard was faster and he won the race.

Shadow "wow you're a lot and I mean a lot faster than before"

Blizzard "thanks I really am faster this is awesome

So the race is tomorrow and blizzard is resting at his cave to save energy for tomorrow

The next morning blizzard went to the race and got warmed up he started by doing some exercise and there were lots of animals watching him because he was very fat before and they wandered how did he lose that much weight in 4 weeks.

So the race was about to begin and blizzard was ready then he saw paco in the crowds watching him as he was running and he remember the 2 words paco told him EGAR BEAVER those words were in his head the whole time and he used it then the race begin and blizzard was already 2 it was amazing and soon shadow and stripes were 3 and 4 every tiger in the race was so surprised how blizzard is that fast the first one is some tiger that won't let blizzard past him but that tiger tripped and ended up last then blizzard took the lead and then 2 tigers past him and the race was over in the end blizzard was 3 that's pretty good and paco came down blizzard said

Blizzard "im sorry I can't past those two tiger they are very fast

Paco "what are sorry for you are in the to 5 aren't you it's still good everyone was surprise of you good job

Blizzard "really your surprise thank you"

Paco "don't thank me thank the 2 words egar beaver"

Blizzard "you're right"

So in the end it was a lesson to blizzard if you want to be good at soothing work hard on it remember the 2 words egar beaver. END

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