An Unfulfilled List

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Alice finds herself helping out a girl who her friend introduced to her. Yet she has no idea why she's really doing it for, the more she thinks about it the more uncertain she becomes.

Submitted: January 04, 2017

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Submitted: January 04, 2017



She went down the list, clean the attic, empty the bin, wash the windows. She felt like she was missing something important. Her brain began to hurt the more she tried to remember. Why was she so forgetful? The thought was gone the moment someone entered the room "Ok here's the key, sorry it's such a mess up there. Been meaning to clean it but you know how it is" She watched Penny shrug in a casual way. She had met her through another friend, though she honestly couldn't understand why she had even agreed to do this. She was neither close nor fully acquainted with her, yet when she phoned her out of the blue the other day she couldn't help but accept her request. Alice was handed the key to the attic, she wondered for a moment why the attic was even locked. When she thought about her own attic she could see the piece of white wood that covered the hole in the roof. Not once did she think it was appropriate to put a lock on it, in fact, the idea confused her to no end. She looked down at the rusty key that had seen better days.  
She was about to ask Penny why she locked the attic when she found she was standing in the room on her own. She vaguely remembered hearing the front door open. After shaking the thought away she snapped back to her list, clean the attic, empty the bin, wash the windows. It was like a mantra in her mind. The words carried on playing as she made her way up the stairs. Penny's landing was far larger than her own, somehow that thought bothered her. It wasn't too hard to spot the out of place panel on the roof, the hatch was made out of a darker wood which contrasted against the perfectly painted ceiling. That was another thing she'd have to do later, paint her own ceilings. But she knew that it would never get done because by the time she'll get home, she would forget about it. It suddenly occurred to her that she had no hope of reaching the lock from her current position. Sometimes she regretted being small and having to get others to help her out. She scanned the area looking for anything she could use to reach the lock.  
Just in front of her was another large room, it looked like some kind of bedroom. Penny had told her not to enter any room unless she had given her permission. She fidgeted on the spot, wondering if it was alright to enter the room. She would only go in for a second, and unless she had cameras around the house Penny would never know. After resolved that there were no other solutions she took a cautious step towards the door. She couldn't stand around all day wondering how to get into the attic, she was never going to get in there without taking action. When she reached the room, she swayed this way and that trying to get a better look into the room. Even though she had been assured that no one else was in the house, something felt off. Alice thought that maybe it was just because it was a big empty house, she never did like horror movies. The room was darker than she had first thought, heavy curtains blocked out any and all light from the outside. She was about to turn around when she saw what she wanted. Right in the corner was a rather dusty old looking chair. She doubted that it would hold her weight but what other choice did she have?  
'In, get the chair, out, no big deal.' She tried to calm herself down, after taking a deep breath she took her first step in the room. She was fully intending on just walking straight to the chair grabbing it and leaving without looking around the room. But once she was in the room, she couldn't help herself. Her curious nature was going to get her killed one day. What she wasn't expecting was to find the room almost empty of furniture. There was a table on the right-hand side, there were two candles one on the left the other on the right, in the middle was an open book. 'Alice, get yourself together, in, get the chair, out.' She snapped her head back around to where the chair was. After taking another long breath, she quickened her pace. The chair was heavier than she had first thought and took a lot of effort to drag out of the room. As she made her journey back to the door her eyes wandered over to the book. Well, she had already broken rule one, what harm was there in taking a peek at it? The chair dropped to the floor louder than she had intended, scaring herself in the process. After realising what the noise was, she let out a small nervous laugh. Alice looked over at the book once again, it was just a few short steps. 'just go over there, find out it's some stupid diary, and then get back to work.' After becoming mentally resolved on the issue, she found her way over to the book. In the dim light, it was hard to see what the book was about, she fumbled about to get her phone out. One quick swipe turned the light feature on, it was something she used all the time. When she began to look over the words she heard the door creak open. 
"What the hell are you doing?" She spun around too quickly, dropping her phone at the same time. Standing by the door was a rather pissed off Penny. She came storming in the room, after noticing the chair half way across the room she relaxed. The way she changed in a split second scared Alice more than the room she was standing in. "should have thought about the fact that you're short. It's funny that it didn't even cross my mind." She moved quicker than Alice thought possible, even in the darkness she had avoided all the obstacles in the room. Alice hadn't been so lucky and could still feel the pain from hitting a solid table. She was blinded when Penny picked up her phone. It took a second to blink the blind spots out of her eyes. "I didn't mean to snoop, I..." A smile crossed her lips, it was somewhat malicious.  
"I know, you came to get the chair. To be honest I shouldn't have left the door open." Her words seemed dipped in kindness, yet something was still bothering Alice. "Come on, you still need to clean the attic. Not paying you to stand around" She had wiggled her way behind Alice and was now pushing her towards the door. Alice was still in a daze of confusion and let her do so. Once outside Penny slammed the door shut, making Alice jump for the second time that night out. "Sorry didn't mean to make you jump." Alice found she was shaking her head. 
"It's alright, I'm just a jumpy kind of person" A curious smile invaded Penny's face. When Alice looked back around she found a step ladder directly underneath the dark wooden hatch.  
"I'll let you get back to it then" Penny gave her one last smile, this time it was different, she noticed her enlarged canines. A mocking laugh escaped her lips as she faded back into the room she had just slammed shut.

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