Secret Love

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - #2

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As I got completed my college, I started looking for job. My family was financially weak. So I needed to catch up job as early as possible so that I would be able to earn money and help out my parents. Luckily I got my first job. It was nearby two stations from the city where I live.

It was small firm. They were suppliers of bricks and sand. I was nervous about everything. I was thinking so much about how would be my interview, whether I will get selected or not? But luckily I got that job very easily without much effort. Boss was so kind. He didn’t ask me so many questions, he only observed my resume and asked very casual questions then he told me to join the office.

There were around 30-40 workers and 3-4 office staff members. But on very first day of my joining one of the main person of that office told me that boss has decided to shift me to the another office of themselves. It was near from main office but still it was far about 10-15 minutes by walk. I shocked when I saw there was no more girl staff. There were 15 workers and 2 male staff for supervising on workers. But I accepted that job involuntarily. The reason is that I was having very less friends and many of them were jobless so how could they help me to get new job.

I remember, how was my first day in new office, all workers and supervisors welcomed me. I entered in my cabin. It was very small in size. There was one computer, 3 chairs, 2 cupboards and one large table. I sat on my chair in front of computer while one person came inside. He was one of the supervisor of this office as he introduced himself,

“Good morning madam, what’s your name?” he asked me.

“Vedika” I said.

“Nice name.” he said smiling.

“Thank you, and your name please?”

“Myself Krishna Desai” he said.

“Nice meeting you sir” I said with smile.

He just gave big smile. After that he started to give me all the instructions regarding my work. He also introduced me another supervisor. His name was Pratap Singh.

As it was my first day in office, they didn’t make me to work more. Entire day I just watched what kind of work is there and how is the system of their working.

I was happy that I got this job very quickly but felt bad also as I was the only staff appointed at this sight office for the office work and there was no one of my age to give me company. Now I was hoping that I will be fine and used to this loneliness after some days.

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