The Minecraft Adventure (Chapter 2)

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Submitted: January 05, 2017

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Submitted: January 05, 2017



A sound of leaves being destroyed can be heard. The zombie-player looks around, but can’t see anything. He hears the sounds again and concentrates his eyes on the surroundings. He could spot movement in the distance. But he couldn’t watch it any longer as a skeleton shoots an arrow at him. It misses, and the zombie-player pulls out his sword and strikes at the skeleton, killing it with 4 blows.

Picking up the bones and arrows, he tries to find where the movement is but it can no longer be seen. And then sounds of two players attacking each other is heard. The zombie-player pulls out the sword once again and tries to locate the sounds. After a while the sounds stopped, but he still could not find anything.

Soon he lost his way. He went into the woods deeper and deeper until he no longer knew the way home. Then monsters popped up, trying to destroy the zombie who is now a player inside the code. He battled the mobs but took some damage and his leather cap broke to pieces. More and more monsters join the scene. Overwhelmed, the zombie-player runs away toward a direction that led him to the sea, and a dead end.

The mobs were following the zombie-player. He knows that the water will slow him down, and the skeletons will fire arrows at him. But just at that moment, a player with yellow hair, red clothes and iron armor shoots down the skeletons one-by-one with his enchanted bow. He then pulls out an iron sword and strikes down the remaining monsters. The zombie-player was watching him do all this. He knew that powerful weapons can help him battle more easily, as he had seen some zombies and skeletons having armor, weapons and enchanted bows.

Soon the mobs were all defeated. All that remains of them are a couple of items and XP. The player then saw the zombie-player and tries to strike at him, but the zombie-player backs up slowly and says “Don’t! I’m not a mob!” The player stares in surprise, but keeps the sword pointed at him. “You sure you’re not a griefer?” says the player. “I’m not a griefer, i’m a zombie!” The player corrects him by saying “Player, you mean.” Still pointing his sharp sword at him, he checks the nametag of the zombie-player. He looks surprised, then says to him “Um, you’ve got a pretty weird name.” The zombie-player checks in the chat and sees his name written by the code: entity_zombie#754 as well as the player’s name: David248

He was surprised it used his code name as his nickname. But he still has David and his sword to worry about. “Can you please let me go now?” David was about to say “Sorry, but no” and kill him, but he saw the zombie-player’s reactions were like if he was a normal player that doesn’t plan to grief. He puts back his sword and says “Okay, fine, but don’t plan on attacking me, cause if you do, you know whats gonna happen.” Saying that, he walks to the forest. But the zombie-player follows behind him. “What are you doing?” he asks. “Can i please stay at your house for one night? I got lost in the forest when i heard 2 people fighting each other.” David knew the 2 who were fighting, because it was actually himself and another player. “Okay, but don’t go stealing my stuff.” The server he was on doesn’t contain much griefers and trolls, so it was sometimes safe to trust other people.

He leads him to his house, which is made of bricks and has a lot of decorations around it. The house also contains an underground basement, where he keeps his stuff in the chests inside. Everytime David was at home he would look out the doors and windows, checking for any approaching strangers.

The zombie-player was amazed. He never seen this much stuff inside people’s houses ever since he was a mob. “Here it is, my home. And, by the way, you should change that name of yours. You can’t just walk about with that goofy name.” He was right. He has to change his name so it can be more understandable.

David then assures him to stay at home, but not to touch anything while he goes out to hunt. Once he was gone, he started wandering about the house, admiring the flower pots and furniture. But he still needs to change his name. So he changed his name to Zombie754, with his codename still remaining entity_zombie#754

The moon was almost going down. David has came back and has gathered a lot of food, loot and XP. He said to Zombie754 “It’s almost daytime. You should go back and look for your own house once it’s sunlight. And it’s good that you changed your name. I can now understand it more.”

Zombie754 said goodbye to David as he goes out to look for his own home. He has given him some food and building materials in case he can’t find his home and nighttime is approaching. At the evening, he has found his location of his house, but what was this? His home has been destroyed! And all his stuff at his home was gone, too. There was a tnt block sitting there, not ignited, so this must have been the work of the griefer he had seen that night.

Hurrying, he rebuilds his home before dark and picks up the tnt after he is done. He has a feeling that the tnt might help him sometime. He then goes into his new house and sleeps on his bed, hoping that the same griefer wont come anymore.


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